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bush was doing coke at camp david

Check it out!
I think you might have meant 07.Sep.2004 12:18


Sorry for the wrong link, but here is the link I was looking for. 07.Sep.2004 17:41


So, here we go with the link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/allnews/tm_objectid=14609301&method=full&siteid=50143&headline=bush--took-cocaine-at-camp-david--name_page.html

And he choked on a pretzel in the White House 07.Sep.2004 18:49


So, how do you choke on a pretzel unless you are altered or having a stroke. Odds are that alcohol or cocaine was operative then.

And what is behind those glazed eyes now??

It isn't milk he's drinking.

enter 07.Sep.2004 19:04


bush is using pharma trancs which can cause people to go ballisyic like columbine.all the dead iraquis and soldiers are testament that these drugs are violence causing.we are all duped and life is at stake.