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In Solidarity with Code Pink, Subvertistas Come Out to Play

So we figured at our last group meeting that we should talk about going to the Condoleezza Rice Protest at the Convention Center. Today we worked on what we should accomplish before actually showing up for the protest.
First, we made our goals clear by deciding to use this action as a means of outreach and netwerking for Subvertical. We also determined that since Code Pink was doing its own thing, that there would be alot of people there and that we could go on with introducing what Subvertical is and what we're on about.

We made a huge, nine by four and a half foot banner which reads "SUBVERTiCAL ACTiON NETWERK", and then beneath that it says "REVOLUTiON iS OURS", and finally, beneath that it says "subvertical.org". It's pretty sweet and we had fun making it too, Melee did all the work really, the rest of us just talked alot.

So yeah, look for us Subvertistas at the Convention Center, we'll be there and so will a lot of you. We'll be passing out flyers and probably going up and talking to people actually. So be careful, we might all learn something. :)

We're Subvertical and we oppose the military occupation of sovereign peoples and the corporate domination of the world's societies. We bring dissent to the streets on our own terms, from outside the confines of the rule of unjust law. Do any of you have a problem with that? Let's all keep in touch, shall we?

homepage: homepage: http://subvertical.org
phone: phone: 971-404-9449