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Kerry Supporters Rally at Cheney's Visit to Pendleton

Over 120 supporters of John Kerry for President rallied outside the Pendleton Convention Center during VP Cheney and Gordon Smith's visit one day after the RNC. "We wanted to show the world that Eastern Oregon is not solidly in the Republican's pocket," said rally organizer, Benjamin Talley.

Don Butcher, one of the marchers, responded after the rally, "I was deeply moved today by the more than one hundred people showing up to demonstrate that a substantial population in our area demand that we move beyond the politics of militancy, cronyism, monotheism, etc., to an America of vision, wisdom, equality and inclusivity."

As the Cheney meeting ended, many attendees leaving the Convention Center walked across the parking lot to join the Kerry supporters lining the street. The gathering reflected the diversity of Eastern Oregon -- retired folks, young people in dredlocks beating drums, Native Americans in tribal regalia, veterans, working people, professional people, young mothers and their children, and high school students.
Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton
Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton
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