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Kerry Supporters Rally at Cheney's Visit to Pendleton

Over 120 supporters of John Kerry for President rallied outside the Pendleton Convention Center during VP Cheney and Gordon Smith's visit one day after the RNC. "We wanted to show the world that Eastern Oregon is not solidly in the Republican's pocket," said rally organizer, Benjamin Talley.
Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton
Over 120 Kerry Supporters Marched at Cheney Visit to Pendleton
Don Butcher, one of the marchers, responded after the rally, "I was deeply moved today by the more than one hundred people showing up to demonstrate that a substantial population in our area demand that we move beyond the politics of militancy, cronyism, monotheism, etc., to an America of vision, wisdom, equality and inclusivity."

As the Cheney meeting ended, many attendees leaving the Convention Center walked across the parking lot to join the Kerry supporters lining the street. The gathering reflected the diversity of Eastern Oregon -- retired folks, young people in dredlocks beating drums, Native Americans in tribal regalia, veterans, working people, professional people, young mothers and their children, and high school students.

Mr. Talley has lent his store, Local Harvest Natural Foods in downtown Pendleton, as a Democratic Party information center until the election. The store is distributing bumper stickers, buttons, yard signs, and other campaign materials -- and acts as an information source for local meetings and campaign activities.

Some events coming up are: Baraq Obama House Party, Thursday September 9 @ 7:30 p.m., location TBA; Umatilla County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting, Wednesday, September 8 @ 6:30 p.m. at the Pendleton City Hall Jury Room; canvassing & voter registration activities are ongoing. For more information, call (541) 966-4168 or contact Ben Talley at  bentalley@bmi.net.

phone: phone: (541) 966-4168
address: address: Local Harvest Natural Foods, 24 SE Emigrant, Pendletong, OR 97801

Who woulda thunk? 07.Sep.2004 09:04

Boise berry

This was not even mentioned at all by the corpy medias. =What else is new.=

dredlocks and drums - same tired mantra 07.Sep.2004 15:43


It's no surprise that the mainstream media didn't give much coverage to demonstrators at Cheney's campaign appearance. Dredlocks and beating drums are just so cliche - what do you expect?

(un)common (non)sense 08.Sep.2004 09:48


Your trolling for love in all the wrong places.

" The gathering reflected the diversity of Eastern Oregon -- retired folks, young people in dredlocks beating drums, Native Americans in tribal regalia, veterans, working people, professional people, young mothers and their children, and high school students."

The picture is worth a lot of words.........................

other media coverage 09.Sep.2004 14:18

hope springs eternal

coverage of this rally was in Tri-Cities, WA newspapers & on TV in Tri-Cities and Portland

Bush knows all about flip-flopping 10.Sep.2004 13:07

Strand Sheldahl-Thomason

The other day, the John Kerry supporters who assembled to demonstrate across from the site of Dick Cheney's speech provoked a predictable onslaught of deft and bland humor, not to mention some unmasked rage, from the Cheney supporters issuing out of the convention center. While a few opted to simply flip the bird at the demonstrators, most eschewed that approach for an equally flippant one: Yelling "flip-flop" at the sea of Kerry signs.

One man drove by the demonstration while his young son held an example of the now notorious footwear out the window. Another Bush supporter parked his motorcycle squarely across from the demonstrators and commenced a deafening repetition of the two-word phrase: "Flip-flop, flippity-flop" and so on. Meanwhile, a fellow Bush supporter proudly displayed a sign that read: "I am a Democrat who is voting for Bush."

Excuse me. Perhaps I should have begun by defining irony. First, there are the facts. Kerry said he voted to give the president the power to go to war because he thinks presidents should have that power. He did not, however, agree with the particular war in which the current president embroiled himself (and our country). Two responses were born of these statements. First, "If I were a simple person, I would think that Kerry contradicted himself." And second, "Kerry contradicted himself." Naturally, the man who plays "Eye of the Tiger" at his rallies pounced on the latter and coined the phrase that places him solidly in the running for "funniest conservative ever."

Light bulbs went off simultaneously in the heads of millions of young Bush supporters: "What if we bought flip-flops and waved them at Kerry supporters to show that Kerry is a flip-flop? Get it? That would be funny!"

In the second, more ironic stage of the flip-flop phenomenon, Republicans proved that they were, in fact, the "flip-floppers."

At the Republican National Convention, the Republicans made a point of parading around a turncoat Democrat from Georgia (a "flip-flopper," if you will) in support of Bush. Also, they attempted to pull off a giant flip by selling the ultraconservative Bush administration as moderate.

Bush says we are winning the war on terror, then that we can't, then that we definitely can. Bush claims Iraq has WMDs. Oh wait, scratch that, war was for benefit of Iraqis. Bush wants bin Laden. Never mind, we don't need him. Bush (and especially Cheney) stresses the link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. No they didn't.

What's more, a curious tendency exists among ultraconservatives. They hate the immoral idea of stem-cell research, until one of their own gets Alzheimer's. They hate the preposterous idea that gays could get married, then oops, my daughter is a lesbian. Better back away from that anti-gay rhetoric. This phenomenon sounds curiously like the noise my beach sandals make.

Strand Sheldahl-Thomason

Pendleton, Oregon

Pastor stands his ground 14.Sep.2004 18:26

Valerie Morrow

I was one of the well behaved, mature protestors who didn't need to resort to third grade behavior (flipping people off) to get my point across. I was pleased when a city policeman came over to a very sweet humble pastor who was weilding a rather large Kerry sign, and stared him in the face, scowling, trying to intimidate him. The pastor very gracefully pulled out his camera and took a picture of the cop who was literaly in his face. Too bad he did not get a photo of the cop then going over to a Cheney supporter and shaking his hand. I thought police were servants of the people.....or is that only right wing people? Republicans don't play by fair and legal rules. Even Republican police.

Ahhhhhh.....but that's the Republican way.....hate, fear and intimidation. They They can't run they're campaign on issues that matter and take some thought 'cause Bubba Redneck Knucklegdragger would then vote Democratic, 'cause he only understands Bush-speak. Is our children learning? Put food on your family.

Violence against supporter? 19.Sep.2004 12:58

Scott Jeffrey sajeffre@engmail.uwaterloo.ca


On www.johnkerry.com someone posted a story they saw on KATU that Cheney supporters beat up someone that took off their shirt and displayed an anti-war message.

Someone said that it was on the 5:00 news but was then pulled for the 5:30 news.

Did anyone see it? If so, please contact me or go to the John Kerry site.


Dr. Scott Jeffrey