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Drug addicts, RV Parks and how they take control over them!

They start by moving to the center of he park where they can start their ring of terror on those whom live near them. They may own fairly new RV's but that is because they were busy selling what drugs they'd get from local doctors who just look the other way--like Oxycotin for for one!
Good ol' southwest Washington is where I live and the RV Park has two drug addicted pill poper's living in the middle of it. About 8 mos ago these two were living in an older RV until they came upon some money an managed to buy a newer one. But they kept their nosey 80 something chevy truck with laud muffers to let others in the park know they mean business and will do anything to anyone if they should get them mad. Thanks to doctors in Longview and the surrouding area we who do not use drugs find it very hard in attempting to deal with these types of poeple. When they do get their nest round of drugs it comes by Fed-Ex no less right to their front door. The drug of chose is OXYCOTIN! Then when that starts waring off they start drinking beer or the hard stuff to try an keep the buz going until they fall to sleep. Do this: Type in oxycotin side effects into google and see what comes up! Oxycotin from hat I have found out is somewhere between morphine and cocaine. (Just aliilte side note about these two they too were once managers of this park until the owners fired them for stealing the recipts(money) over nighters and from the wash room. But the owners are affaid of them so they won't kick them out of the park.) One person living here let these two pill popping drug addicts have a key to her trailer and when she had an operation and came home found that her pain pills were missing. Oh! You'd think the local law enforcement would be interested in arresting them? Think again, since these two use to tend a biker bar and guess who might have stopped by before becoming law enforcement--take a guess!(local cops) Not a chance, small town you know and everyone knows everyone. You scratch my back an I'll scratch your back kind of thing! Just ol' southern confort stuff. Once these people have gotton their feet planted in the park the next thing they try to do is beg, bag, barrow, steal, or ask if they can have whatever you might have bought in pants for your yard to make their site look nice. Neither one works for a living and it really gets one thinking about where they manage to get the next months rent money? They once barrowed a power washer from someone in the park and it took a long time for the owner to get it back away from them since they were using to wash RV's here in the park. What a temper they displayed when this occured. The guy strated up his nosey old truck and drove around the park racing the motor to make as much nose as possible. It gets starts interesting when you look at those in government from the state level down to get an idea of how this is allowed to happen, try republlican then you get the message about how it is in south west washington that this can happen. Then there is the Ex-manager living in the park who has stated many times that she'd take her crazy pills and go kill anyone in the RV Park. Then there are those who simply follow these two pill popping drug addicts arround like puppies and do whatever they can to act as points and inform the drugies of what is said in the park about them so they (the drugies) can start rumors about other people in the RV Park and cause trouble for them for saying anything bad about them. Just lfe in a small RV park where pill popping drugies live in South West Washington!

gee, that's funny... 06.Sep.2004 23:59


Sounds like a microcosm of the whole country. Look who's runnin' that great big ole' trailer park writ large that we call the US of A.

Suggestions for "Annonymiser" 07.Sep.2004 11:26


Consider writing a television script on your experiences with this.

Test the sewage pipe exiting the RV park for elevated levels of drugs and toxic substances, then alert the local waste treatment plant operator.

Talk to the garbage man.

I doubt these drug/addict-dealers are theives, they probably get some drugs through medicaid and sell the drugs for profit.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson




Ah 07.Sep.2004 15:38


"Oxycotin from hat I have found out is somewhere between morphine and cocaine"

No. It's somewhere between codeine and morphine.  http://www.erowid.org/pharms/oxycodone/oxycodone.shtml

Drugs arn't the problem, poverty is.

Your pain is real 07.Sep.2004 20:39

Take Oxycotin

and vote.