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Powells Bows to the Right?

Powells Books Bows to the right?
It has come to my attention the Powells Books has decided to move some fun-poking Bush bumper stickers called "Stick It To Bush" off the sales floor after a handfull of complaints from Bush supporters. I always thought Powells was pretty liberal, maybe even a little left-leaning it it's political stance. Guess not. Anyone heard of this blatent attempt to satisfy a small group of people who can't stand any opinion other than their own? From what I have heard, the bumper stickers sold very well too! Could these people who are complaining be foot-soldiers of Lars Larson, who I believe condemned Powells for not carrying certain anti-Kerry books?

Call them! 06.Sep.2004 16:47


Camm em and complain back!

I want one 06.Sep.2004 20:46


Where can I get one. I'm on my way to Powell's and I'll pick one up if you they put them back.

They still list them on the net. 06.Sep.2004 21:37


Laughing Horse may not have those exact stickers, but I've seen some great ones there. They carry them all the time and not just when it's hip (see:profitable?) to be anti-bush.
This is strange but not that out of the ordinary. Considering you can see them here :
and here :
 link to www.amazon.com
and here :
 link to search.barnesandnoble.com
and more joints :
 link to www.google.com
I wouldn't get too excited.

But Powells, are there that many complaints to merit not having them in-store? They are pulled from the floor but not the website? Explain, okay? Well I'd buy one too if they were available in the store cause I'm hip and you know it:)


Not true... 07.Sep.2004 15:36


I contacted Powell's and they say they did not remove them. Some were stolen, but they will be back!