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Help animals and get rid of excess stuff at the same time! Call for garage sale donations

call for garage sale donations
Please donate your unwanted items to a garage sale fundraiser. All proceeds will be divided between the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign* and to buy animal costumes for demonstrations. If anyone has costume-making skills or costumes to donate, that would be wonderful too!

Drop off any items at 2907 NE Weidler Street, Portland. This is across from the parking lot of the Hollywood Fred Meyer. This is an office, and if no one is there to take your donations, please leave them on the porch in front or on the wheelchair ramp. If you need further information about drop-off, please call Kit at the office at 503.493-9155.

The sale will be Saturday September 25th and Sunday the 26th, so ideally donations will be received by Friday the 24th.

If you need further help, have questions or skills to donate, or need a pick-up, please contact  animalrescue4@hotmail.com. Thanks so much for your help!

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*SHAC has been an uncompromising force trying to shut down one of the largest international contract animal testing labs, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). HLS has been the recipient of 5 undercover investigations, each revealing vicious animal cruelty and sloppy, fraudulent science. Among other atrocities, workers were exposed punching 4-month-old beagle puppies in the face, dissecting a conscious monkey, falsifying scientific data, and violating Good Laboratory Practice laws over 600 times. Every day on average 500 animals are killed inside of HLS. Visit the SHAC websites and learn about the campaign at www.insidehls.com, www.shacamerica.net, and www.shac7.com.
Suggestion Box 06.Sep.2004 01:55

Migratory Bird

craigslist offers free shit all the time- maybe you could geta additional shit there.

Another note for the suggestion box 06.Sep.2004 01:56

Migratory Bird

Also if you live sparsely you could dumpster dive items to clean up and sell.

This little piggie went to the garage sale 06.Sep.2004 08:44


Guaranteed that if any of these proceeds are going to be given to SHAC that our least favorite OHSU Security Piggie, Gary Granger, will be there to see who is donating to such a terrorist organization. Besides that, best of luck on the sale.

OHSU security can't see who's donating items-- 06.Sep.2004 09:14


it says people can just leave them, and I don't think the sales people care who gives what.

My Mistake 06.Sep.2004 11:41


You are ever so correct,Correction, what I actually meant was, Granger would be snooping around at the garage sale. He has an uncanny way of making personal appearances at various activities involving activists.

Fuck that cancer hawker. 06.Sep.2004 13:13

Migratory Bird

Take pictures of him and his goonies when they come to hawk his murderous live animal dissection trade.

But we must go on trying to fight! Fight Back!

The pills they release causes more disease, causes more sickness, gives more money to the bad western witch doctors.

Learn herbal medicine!

And figure out how to give, give, give to our community.

Thinking about the above photo and macaques... 08.Sep.2004 18:09


Looking for a picture for the original posting, I dug through photos of monkeys on the web in order to find a macaque monkey - the most used primate in animal research.

The picture above is of a Bonnet macaque with her baby. They live in forests, in tall trees with dense foliage, but spend some of their time on the ground as well.

The picture about makes me want to cry, seeing a macaque being able to nurture her baby in the wild, knowing how babies are ripped away from their mothers and thrown into solitary confinement in steel cages in research labs across the world. The mothers are used as breeding machines and have baby after baby ripped away from them. As human primates would, they experience deep pain, anger, and distress at having their babies taken away. One technician says that every time he walked past the cage of a mother whose baby he took away, she screeched at him and threw herself against her metal cage.

As Rick Bogle writes, "The similarities between the primate species' minds, emotions, and social behaviors are being relied on and used as justifications for modern experiments on the brains of awake, usually restrained, monkeys." He points out the irony that humans experiment on nonhuman primates because they're so "like us," but the implications of that seems to escape us. That is, if they're like us, and there's every indication that they "suffer as intensely both physically and emotionally as humans would suffer in the same experiments," we must ethically stop using them in these experiments.  http://www.primatefreedom.com/essays/howmuchlikeus.html

Meanwhile, national animal rights watchdog groups are finding severe under-reporting of experiments that are reasonably judged to cause pain and distress to the animals. For obvious reasons research labs would prefer to sweep the revelation of clear pain and distress under the rug; but this mis-categorization has caused a great many animals to endure painful and distressful experiments with no alleviation of their condition (with anesthetics and such) at all. In Portland this shouldn't be hard for us to believe - OHSU denies that their electroejaculation procedure for procuring sperm (discovered on torture victims), in which undercover video shows a primate screaming with each shock to his penis and lifting himself from his chair restraints, is painful!

I'm thinking about macaques, one in particular. I purchased a primate freedom tag through www.primatefreedom.com - you get a tag with the species, serial number, gender, birthdate, and location of a primate used in research - and found that "my" primate is a Japanese macaque, prisoner #14535, who was born at OHSU's primate center. Only OHSU knows if she's now alive or dead. For her sake, I hope she's dead rather than continuing to go through the hell of her life at OHSU.

It makes me sick and angrier than words can express to know what happens to these animals at HLS, OHSU, and all the other labs across the world. I think "evil" is an apt word to describe these institutions of terrible pain, misery, and hopelessness.

Please join me in doing anything and everything possible to end animal experimentation - whether it's holding a fundraiser to support other activists, going to demonstrations, or doing some research and trying to educate others about the waste and cruelty of vivisection.
Rhesus macaque and baby
Rhesus macaque and baby
Japanese macaque and baby
Japanese macaque and baby