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Bill Clinton’s Heart.

I personally believe bypass or not he will be running the Bush reelection campaign from the hospital room while remaking Hillary as the caring wife, and leave John Kerry to flap in the wind...
Ok, Call me a cynical bastard, but after watching the Clinton's for 8+ years, I know these two like the back of my hand.

Bill was admitted to NYC hospital today and is due to have a heart bypass. At first I felt sorry for him, as most anybody would. But then it struck me as to who it was, when it was, and potentially why it was.

The media is too stupid to pick up on this, not that they could prove it anyway. they are blaming it on Fast food, without looking further.

2008 is reserved for Hillary to run for president. In order for that to happen she has to make sure she is running for an open seat. There can be no sitting president running for reelection especially a democrat who she would have to challenge in the primaries.

There are too many suspicious things that went on during the primaries that knocked Dean off his game even before his "I have a scream" speech. There are many conspiracy websites devoted to the Clinton's hand in this, and you can take them for what they are worth.

Here are a few facts, Clinton's money men are still in charge at the top levels of the DNC. Kerry has wanted them out of there since day one because he doesn't trust them, but he can't get rid of them.

Its said that Gore would have won had Clinton campaigned for him. Gore was trying to get the spotlight on himself and away from Bill, but Bush kept pounding on Clinton and each time Clinton kept jumping up and rebutting Bush's attack. This kept Gore from getting his message out. That's why Bush was doing it, but Why was Bill playing along?

Clinton is great at rallying the base, but he turns off a lot of mainstreamers and energizes conservatives to oppose him.

Kerry knows he needs Clinton's help rallying the base. But with Clinton's conveniently timed heart operation pending it does three things.

First, Clinton will be laid up for weeks if not months, at least until after the election, so he won't be campaigning with or for Kerry.

Second, It takes the spotlight off of Kerry and focuses it on Clinton, and Hillary.

Third, It makes Hillary much more of a sympathetic figure than the Iron bitch persona she has now among many.

So is Clinton really sick? Who knows?

He is thinner than he has ever been, he is eating healthy, but maybe time and his lifestyle has caught up to him.

He could of known about this bypass months ago, and just scheduled after the RNC convention.

I personally believe bypass or not he will be running the Bush reelection campaign from the hospital room while remaking Hillary as the caring wife, and leave John Kerry to flap in the wind...
do you even have to ask? 03.Sep.2004 20:42

you really don't you?

"That's why Bush was doing it, but Why was Bill playing along?"

Because since Mena, Arkansas, they all have been one big happy drug running CIA political family.

pretty slick 03.Sep.2004 21:03

Bill Watch

You got to hand it to the guy. He makes them all look like they are moving in slow motion.

If this is the case, then Kerry doesn't really have a chance in hell does he? he's just going though the motions but he knows he either can't win or won't win, or the Bonesman fix is in.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in that hospital room...

All roads lead thru Yale. 03.Sep.2004 21:15

wool over the eyes

It seems that our past 3 presidents have all spent some time at Yale, and the next one will to.

Hmmmmm... ..

Well, maybe there is something to it and then maybe theirs not. It just seems rather strange that out of all of the Candidates running this year Kerry floats to the top just in time to win Iowa and go on to run a lack-luster campaign that seems to be in decline because of a few veterans running an internet ad ..

Can somebody explain to me why Kerry is the nominee?

. 03.Sep.2004 22:53


Kerry is the candidate because the Democrats are not running to win.

Nader 03.Sep.2004 22:59


to Princeton. Still Ivy League, though.

"Can somebody explain to me why Kerry is the nominee?" 04.Sep.2004 11:25

Tony Blair's dog

Kerry is the nominee because he is the "good cop" or the
good cop/bad cop routine of which "W" has played the "bad cop".

People are really angry with "W" so Kerry is the one
who will take over.

Kerry will just be a new face for the cover.

The military- and "energy corporations" will be able to
continue their robbing and murdering, all in their own

Not to mention the relations with Israel.
Everyone knows that if someone who is not "in the loop",
like for example Nader, would become president, U.S.
relations to Israel will be straightened out.

That is why "that must never happen".

Or maybe 05.Sep.2004 11:53

Bill Clinton

just has a heart problem.

Just a thought.

Or maybe 06.Sep.2004 00:19

Migratory Bird

Or maybe Clinton does not have a heart at all, medicine just alludes to a muscle there.