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Eugene, Oregon
Two Middle-Eastern men were physically assaulted outside a bowling alley in front of a group of witnesses on March 6, 2003. One of the men is diabetic and insulin-dependent. Both men are married to US citizens, and one of the men has two American children. One of the men's wife, an enrolled member of a Native American tribe, witnessed the misconduct. Part of the police misconduct is caught on videotape, but the prosecution is unwilling to release the 911 tape and five other police tapes as evidence. It is clearly visible in the videotape that one of the defendants was being kicked by a police officer, while other officers were punching him at close range. It is also very clear there wasn't any resistance from the defendant at any time. Both defendants were pepper sprayed several times.
Originally the men were charged with 3 charges, which were misdemeanors, and non-deportable offenses. The prosecution agreed to drop all charges if the defendants agreed not to file a civil lawsuit, which is part of the court records. The defendants were unwilling to drop their suit, so the city hired a special prosecutor Steve Dingle to defend the city. Mr. Dingle is normally only used in murder trials, and isn't even a prosecutor for Lane County. Since the two defendants didn't agree to drop their lawsuit, an addition eight charges were filed against them. If the defendants were to lose their criminal case, both men would face deportation charges and would be separated from their families.
It is recorded by the city records that one of the men was stripped naked in a jail in front of a group of women. It is reported that the women would walk by and laugh at the naked defendant. The man was not administered his insulin even though he could have possibly died. The man was checked in by the jail wearing a medical alert bracelet. He was also beaten again by the jail personnel before he was released, and missing all the money he was carrying at the time of the arrest. Their trial is scheduled for September 21, 2004. A hearing to compel discovery occurred on August 31st to get the district attorney to hand over the evidence against the men. The judge denied the claim, and the men still are unable to access all of the discovery evidence. The judge is unwilling to extend the trial date, even though one of the men's public defender's has had less than a month to prepare for the trial. One of the officers involved in the police misconduct was officer Juan Lara, who is currently in jail for raping women while on duty. The defendants don't want any retaliation effort, but seek only peace and justice.
Sorry, Even Eugene KKKops Have a Bad Day Sometimes.... 03.Sep.2004 18:41

Antinomias Vermont

You have to understand the kkkops were having a bad day. We all have them, and we ought to cut them some
slack. After all, they probably couldn't find a prostitute to rape.




Eugene riot cops 05.Sep.2004 00:06

profiling everybody

A few years ago, there was a riot in the west University nieghborhood of Eugene between Alder - Hiliard and 17th Ave. - 18th Ave. Being an interested witness, I witnessed it all. Standing across the street from the Hiliard St. I saw a mob of out of control partygoers set fire to a dumpster and a GOLF CART. Shortly after, many small objects began bouncing off the street and hitting people. One group of people started yelling at another group of people across the street to stop throwing rocks at them. Unbeknownst to everybody, those rocks were actually rubber bullets being shot from Eugene riot police from a far distance. As the riot police moved in, threating to arrest anybody in view, people scattered. The whole area was off limits to any citizen. My friend and I took refuge in the Kappa Delta sorority on 17th and Alder along with about a half dozen other people from the street. With the front door open, everybody was looking through the door and windows watching the riot cops trying to take back control of the area. Two Asian students (a male and female that looked like they were around 20 years old) came walking down Alder St. past the sorority. Clearly they were not involved with any destruction. The were comming from the opposite direction of the "action", and they both had their backpacks on. They were most likely walking home from the library. They were both tackled by cops (clear case of excessive force). The officers had them both face down with the the full weight officers on top of them. Neither of two came close to resisting. They looked like rag dolls. One officer had his between the young man's shoulder blades. The students' backpacks were ripped from their bodies which were opened and searched. The two were then handcuffed and pulled to their feet and hauled off. Witnessing this Eugene Police misconduct (and I will never forget this)- A Kappa Delta sorority member who was standing next to me was crying. Let me quote her: "Why are they doing that?"

"Why are they doing that?" 05.Sep.2004 09:19

Pravda or Consequences

Because they can.

Need Support? 05.Sep.2004 18:44


Do you need support? It's clear to me that the police commit acts of terror against citizens to inspire fear of thier power, and the governments authority in the rest of us. It seems clear that we should not give them this power over us. That the extent to wich we react to them should not be motivated from a position of fear but of personal and community power. I have survived police violence, and I will not give them unjust power in my life. Do you need support in your struggle against these oppresive agents? If so we have resources and would be glad to help.

mb with Arissa