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Anti-Bush banner REVEALED TO ALL as Bush spoke to the RNC in New York City

original (facing the audience)


inverted (so you can read if from the "Bush side" of things)
I found the image on NYC IMC.

Question: did anyone see this on t.v.?

Bush was interrupted TWICE as well in his speech by two separate actions, despite fear-mongering, supposed 'high security' around the Resident. This would be a third interruption?

RNC Bush speech protester article & video 03.Sep.2004 19:27


I love Code Pink protesters! The article appeared in the New York Times website, the video is also from the NYC indymedia site.

Protesters removed after attempting to disrupt Bush speech
11:20 PM EDT on Thursday, September 2, 2004
Belo Interactive and the Associated Press

NEW YORK A protester was removed from the Republican National Convention after starting to heckle President Bush during his speech. Delegates tried to drown out the protester with chants of "four more years." A short time later, a second protester surfaced, and a similar scene took place. One of the two protesters removed was later identified by authorities as Jodie Evans, a 50-year old woman from Venice Beach, California. She is founder of a women's protest group that calls itself "Code Pink." That organization has staged or participated in several protests this week in New York, including Sunday's protest that drew hundreds of thousands of people.

Video:  http://dc.indymedia.org/usermedia/video/3/protestor_in_rnc.mpg

surreal clip, thanks 03.Sep.2004 19:43

could be a movie

In this clip, Bush drones on like the Orwellian Big Brother he is. This is a classic little six seconds, that seems to me to be the best video poem of what Democracy means in America: nothing.

This is classic: Female Truth is carried off by hired goons, people scream out their 2 minutes of hate at her, and Male Big Brother keeps droning on entirely undisturbed a planned, canned speech that does nothing except inject more fear and hate into the masses.

As she is carried off, poetically, Bonesman Bush intones as slow and calm as if nothing happpened: "...Al-Qaida was largely unchallenged as it planned attacks...."

i like those dipshits in cowboy hats 04.Sep.2004 11:47


let's send those f*ckfaces off to war!