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Lady Killed

Police respond to crazy lady with a gun..?
Use of a gun in treating mentally ill people is crazy. I think the taser would have been the appropriate weapon to subdue a crazy woman A billy club is more risky, but likely low risk with vest on. Perhaps chain mail.

I think when you get a call from the funny farm the police should have a much better tactical response. Trying to reason with the mentally ill often is not possible.

My point, I smell negligence and death.

Is this the same county that has a lying district attorney?

Why are knives available?

KATU:: http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=70783

CLACKAMAS, ORE. - Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened at an apartment complex near the Clackamas Town Center.

The incident happened at Chez Ami Apartments, which is a mental health facility located in the 8000 block of S.E. Causey Road.

Clackamas County Sheriff's

that's a good point you make there 04.Sep.2004 23:04


Clackmus County has been noted for their inept law-enforcement to point we've mostly took it for
granted and hardly yawn about it anymore. Thanks for giving us the goad to remember it again!
Don't forget that these same clowns botched the job on the two young ladies that were alledged to
be killed by Ward Weaver in that they fumbled about as bad as so-called "law-enforcement" can in
their so-called "investigation", and there is so many tales of ineptness, I forgot them all! But
thanks for reminding us what a sorry bunch they are, have been, and will be...till the people get
feed-up and demand some serious changes. Till then...it'll only get worst I'm afraid! Ta! Ta!