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Alan Keyes and the Media at War

OPINION -- Make no mistake; the liberal media is waging a war against Alan Keyes that knows no journalistic Geneva Conventions. Why? One may be unable to delve all the depths of that question, but I would like to treat that later. What is this battle about, for Keyes? Let me address that now, please.
Very briefly, two supreme examples occurred last week about guns and this week about homosexual ?marriage.? Last week, Keyes participated in a press conference to draw attention to Barack Obama?s vote against State Senator Ed Petka?s bill to restore Second Amendment rights to people who wish to defend their homes with arms, even if villages such as Wilmette wish to take that right away. The conference ran long, and eventually the media jumped on a Keyes answer to a booby-trap question. Instead of reporting Obama?s unconstitutionally extreme votes on guns, some ?reporters? preferred to lead with a story grossly mischaracterizing Keyes as encouraging you and your mother to walk the streets with machine guns, believe it or not, Ripley.

This week, in case you decided to ignore every news broadcast or paper in the country, Keyes unfortunately decided to become embroiled in an interview with a homosexual activist radio program, at the Republican National Convention no less. There he made his assertion that the basic reason for marriage is procreation and while men and women can accomplish this and thus enter into the sacrificial love of family, homosexuals cannot and their pairings must be a result of selfish hedonism. When asked if this meant Vice President Cheney?s lesbian daughter Mary is a ?selfish hedonist,? Keyes decided fighting through this ambush was a better part than discretion and briefly admitted for argument?s sake that would be true, by definition. The ensuing national firestorm falsely portrayed Keyes as ?lashing out? against the lesbian Cheney, right there at her daddy?s convention.

You see the pattern. Keyes speaks out on a hot-button topic with his Harvard Ph.D?s intellectual zest and his Christian conservative?s ideological zeal. Media lure him along. Keyes expounds upon his intellectual arguments. Media, with the intellect of Baghdad Bob lay in wait until they find a Keyesian illustration or assertion which they can twist and with their Weapons of Mass Depiction afflict both state and nation. Keyes sticks to his guns and shows his temper. Media claim him a ?nut,? ?crackpot,? etc.

Like President Bush, Keyes forthrightly relates Christianity as his basis for understanding life. Further, self-confident man of ideas that he is, Keyes presses the frontiers in Christian understanding of our political issues. As for homosexuality?s basis in selfish hedonism, at last night?s Party for Bush, Keyes professed: ?The argument I have just given is the best argument, I believe, in support of the Republican position on the defense of marriage.? But, as with any Christian and any intellectual, this must pass peer review.

What?s a candidate to do?

In order to honor those who nominate him and support him, a viable candidate?s prime purpose is to say and do what he ethically can best say and do, to get elected. After he is elected, his prime purpose is to affect policy for the good of the People. In each case, the candidate/official is a servant of the sovereign People.

At the beginning of Alan Keyes? remarks last night, he predicted President Bush would do an excellent job of educating the People before the night was through - and while this is not the first time one has compared Keyes to a prophet, this came to pass. President Bush gave Americans an education in how he plans to serve us.

Educating his potential voters is one of many critically important ways for a candidate to serve. Even more central is to listen to the People?s interests and concerns, and serve by addressing them well. Candidate Alan Keyes emphasizes the former, more than rarely at the expense of the latter. An academician can be elected, if he avoids the lure of discourse that would make his election academic.

So, a candidate?s main duty is to convince people to vote for him. If the sovereign People find a candidate unwilling to respectfully address their concerns in favor of emphasizing what he wants to say, voters tend to remain unconvinced and the candidate fails to best honor those who support his candidacy.

A candidate for the United States Senate who is not elected cannot cast a vote to save babies from infanticide, nor defend our foundational institutions of marriage and family against deconstructionist redefinition. He cannot prevent the First or Second Amendments from being violated, nor renew our Constitution?s basis in the rights and responsibilities of the Declaration by his senatorial power of judicial approval. He cannot pass a healthier tax policy. He can do nothing he and his supporters would have him do as Senator.

Speaking for myself, I actively and enthusiastically support Alan Keyes; so much more, over the atrocious Barack Obama. In fact, I know of no other American who could serve us better as Senator - if Keyes would master that role. And, I will continue to hope that Dr. Keyes and all other sound conservative candidates serve their supporters in that role?s best behavior: appealing to voters in order to get elected - ?as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.?

?Discretion will protect you and understanding will guard you. Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse? and who are devious in their ways.?

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[Arlen Williams is a La Grange-based Illinois media hound.]

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??? 03.Sep.2004 17:57


I react to this post just as I would to a steaming pile of dog crap encountered in the middle of the sidewalk on an otherwise pleasant walk. Disgust, plain and simple.