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Then who ? Suggestions or ideas ?

We desparately need a leader we can all agree on I think it is safe to say.
So ...they say that first you divide, and then you conquer. It is rather apparent that "they" are VERY good at this and are about to rather easily accomplish it again.

The Nader people (and YES, I'm one) think the Democrats are a bunch of war profiteering-status quo-good for nothing corporatists.
The Greens, those that there are, won't be persuaded to go with Nader, and insist they are a party in ever so-slow growth, but that "they are getting there."
The Democrats insist they can be changed from the inside, and to just give them just another chance, and soon we'll all see that Kerry will be great and everything will all be hunky-dory.And they'll be saying that again in four years, "But this time we're serious!" ... they'll breathlessly exclaim, as they run another poor candidate.

So, then we desparately need to find a candidate all us progressives can stand behind. A real leader who we will all follow.If it isn't Kerry or Cobb, Nader or Kucinich, or Dean, then who...

We need to find somebody fast.

After four years of more Bush, if we don't have our act together, I seriously think we are in bigger trouble than we think we are in even now.