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Listen up Signature Gatherers! Oregonian (D) calls for your arrest and conviction . . .

"The only really unsettling thing about this Nader fuss is that this, not a much more serious problem, undid his Oregon campaign. Earlier, some of his workers had turned in dozens of forged signatures -- the names of dead people and names copied out of phone books -- yet no one was arrested or charged with committing these felonies."
How does the Oregonian decide when a wrong signature is to be considered 'forged'? How would it know that names were 'copied out of a phone book'? Given the virtually frantic acts of the Democrats all across the country to stop Nader, how hard would it be to infiltrate a campaign and cause trouble? And look who would pay: the volunteers, mostly those in their 20s and to the far left, the down and out who will work to make a tiny amount of money in the face of harrassment from Democrats, the dedicated activists.

Listen up signature gatherers - the next time the ***DEMOCRATS*** need signatures for a cause, you know what they will do to anyone who makes a mistake.

Think about it.

As we can see, even Code Pink can infiltrate the RNC, and in other states complaints have been made that there was no way the Democrats could possibly have been able to identify each 'mistake' as quickly as they did, if they didn't already know where to look. And how about the Democrats who filled seats and blocked the ability of Nader to avoid the signature gathering altogether? Should they be arrested and jailed? Oh, that's right, I guess there's no law against that.

But apparently, the DEMOCRATS will now arrest signature gatherers in their quest to install the other white skull and bones man from Yale into the presidency.

Think about it.

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