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Dennis Kucinich to speak at September 11 spaghetti dinner

Kucinich to speak at Caffe Democratica, held by the Multnomah County Democrats. Caffe Democratica includes a spaghetti dinner, democracy fair, and silent auction. This year's theme is celebrating democracy and those who have fought to protect it.
"We have to stop letting people use September 11 as a day of fear," said Caffe Democratica co-chair Jenni Simonis. "Instead, we should use it as a day to celebrate democracy, what makes our country great, and those who have fought, and continue to fight, to protect it."

As part of that celebration, the Multnomah County Democrats will be holding its annual Caffe Democratica on Saturday, September 11. The event features a spaghetti dinner, democracy fair, and silent auction.

"Hope, love, and support are what we should be celebrating on Patriot Day, not fear," explained Simonis, whose husband is a Gulf War veteran. "A patriot is defined as one who loves, supports, and defends one's country. Nowhere in that definition is the word fear."

When the event's committee began meeting several months ago, it felt that Patriot Day was the perfect time to come together and celebrate America and the troops who have fought to protect the country. Planned activities include a moment of silence to those who have died fighting for our country, recognition of those attending who have served, and a democracy fair. The fair will be attended by a variety of groups and organizations who work to better our country by getting people involved in civics and politics, running for office, protecting civil rights, and more.

The keynote speaker for Caffe Democratica will be Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who recently ran for the Democratic nomination for President. Last month he spoke at the Democratic National Convention, giving a moving speech on why Democrats should come together and vote for John Kerry in November.

There is also a second surprise guest expected at the dinner.

This event is a family friendly event. Advance tickets for the event are $10 for current precinct committee people and $12 for general admission. A smaller portion plate for children ages 5-12 and seniors is also available for $5 if purchased in advance. Children 4 or under are free; however, the number of those attending is needed in order to ensure there will be space for them.

The dinner will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at Madison High School, 2735 NE 82nd Ave., Portland.

Tickets can be purchased online at  http://www.multdems.org. A printable order form is also available for those who prefer to send in their orders through the mail. As the dinner is expected to sell out, those wanting to attend are encouraged to purchase their tickets now.

homepage: homepage: http://www.multdems.org
phone: phone: 503-248-0826
address: address: 232 NE 9th Avenue, Portland

So what...Who cares... 03.Sep.2004 11:30

just another politician

So what. Who cares...

I had high high hopes for him and he turned out to be another say anything, do anything, politician. I admit it at least, I was fooled. Temporarily blinded by an outpouring of blissful optimism and hope, and it felt really good. A man of peace. A man of conviction.
A turning point was here I felt, all "true" Democrats will align behind Dennis I thought, early in the spring/summer of 2003, the writers, the poets, the other "Progressives", and musicians, he will have the endorsements cascade over him like an avalanche.Nader endorsed him,and all saw this would eliminate him as a factor.My hopes were on.

Now I know what I should have known then. Just another lousy politician who helped to sour an already jaded populace. A terrible aftertaste in my mouth. Dennis abandoned his convictions and ideals when he gave in completely to Kerry's platform of war and repression of the world.Now he stand would rather stand along a broken and tired worthless old political party then stand with the peoples of the world who call for peace.

interesting interpretation of events 03.Sep.2004 18:05


I supported Kucinich. You supported Kucinich. But not many people supported him altogether. When does a candidate look around and say "I spoke out with as much courage as I could and got very little of the vote --- perhaps the people are not behind me?" Clearly the progressives, the socialists, the greens, the anti-war groups, the feminists and others could not unite to vote for an alternative.
Look at the votes. Kerry won. The majority of those who voted in the primaries voted for Kerry. Kucinich looked at the numbers and ran right down to the end. Then he stopped and looked around and said ok. I wish Nader had done the same. He doesn't have chance of winning. I wish that the anti Bush forces could unite for once because we face an evil empire and this is an important election. Even if the majority of people vote for Kerry against Bush --- Bush may still "win" -- he stole the election once and most people just ignored it. What will we do if he does it again??? Worse yet, with all the control he's amassed --- how will we even know?

mouse that roared 03.Sep.2004 23:08


If Bush steals the election again, I will be like the mouse that roared.

From Day One... 04.Sep.2004 11:37

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...Kucinich said he would not entertain the thought of running as anything but a Democrat. So hate him if you like, but he never lied about his ultimate intentions. Sadly, the Democratic Leadership would have torn him to shreds in the midst of his Congressional campaign if he did. They've demonstrated repeatedly that "extreme" Leftism within the ranks is only to be tolerated if it stays at the local level where it belongs, and safely within the Party' benevolent fold, of course. I'm disappointed with Dennis, but not really suprised. He's trying to make the best he can of a shitty situation, like most of us. :(

It's also true that even most Progressives locally didn't seem to care much about Kucinich. They wanted to rally behind Dean because he was "tough," even though his "anti-war" and "liberal" stances were just so much opportunistic piffle once you put his record under a microscope. Later, I had a Democratic pal say to my face, "Well, I have to vote for Kerry because he's in the lead and we have to look unified. No, I don't know anything about this Kucinich person ? Why should I care. I have to vote for Kerry because he's in the lead and we have to look unified..." [repeat ad nauseum, then beat your head against the wall. Gevalt.]

Really, Progressives and Liberals are there own worst enemies in this country. They ignore, write off and demean their best without even waiting around for the Republicans to come and do it. :(

A buddy of mine in Maine says that being a Leftist Democrat is good training for being a Red Sox fan, or vice versa. That's been my favorite political commentary of the season, thus far. ;)

Don't knock Dennis! 03.Oct.2004 20:07


I went to this event. It was great from start to finish, and that's something coming from me, considering that the Multnomah County Democrats are very typical boring sheeple.

Dennis is not a sellout. He is trying to help. It may gall us that we are being asked to help the Democratic Party, the same Party that looked the other way while Dennis was being squished in the primaries, the same Party that decided to help Nader over a cliff.

But the fact is that it's always easier to be in opposition to, rather than cooperation with. It's easy to sit here on the outside and say "DAMN THEM! THEY DON'T LISTEN TO US!" But it's harder to step inside, and say, "Let's talk." Because it means opening a two way line of communication. Well I see a lot of people who don't want the two way. They want to talk and be heard and not have to hear anything back. They have already decided that there is nothing they want to hear from the other side.

How can we expect the Democrats to evolve if we, the supposedly evolved ones, won't even deign to go near them?