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web radio coverage of |Hurricane Frances

As Hurricane Franes bears down on Florida, many have become tired of hearing the same corporate newscast about what you need to buy, where you need to go, and what you need to think to survive a hurricane. Central Florida Indymedia has a novel thought: tune into our webstream for hurricane information! That's right. We might get slammed by the hurricane, but we're STILL going to be online providing hurricane information and entertainment to anyone that's willing to listen. Read on to find out how to tune in for a good time!
Hurricane Francis is quickly approaching the Florida Coast. To hear coverage of the storm from a unique, non-corporate view-point tune into Central Florida Indymedia's Webstream by clicking:

If the above link doesn't work, click here:  http://p2p-radio.sourceforge.net/Webstart/P2P-Radio.jnlp
and when the program runs select listener and type

If all else fails, click here:

NOTE: all except the last link will give a security warning. This is because it requires an open source java program to run (poeer 2 peer radio). Be sure to allow it to run!

We will be providing live updates about the storm as well as a wide variety of music. If you have a question about the storm or a song to request, send us an instant message at: CFL IMC
using the AIM protocal. We recommend open source GAIM as a client.

Be safe during the storm, and be (((i)))ntertained
by indymedia online.
correction 03.Sep.2004 06:50


correction: if you launch the p2p-radio manually, the correct address to type is p2p-radio://