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(A)ctivist Interpretation Video: The Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers - repost

repost to pdx indymedia: "the united states. the earth's biggest exporter of capitalism. it's the one place where we can fight empire. but we don't know how to make a revolution." ... "we can't smash capitalism by passing more laws. or we would"
Hey folks, this is a member of st01en collective (of the Lord of the Rings remix series). Just wanted to let you all know that one of us is in the streets of New York right now and the rest of us are closely following the protests from the west coast. We wanted to provide some empowering entertainment to all of you out there in the form of our latest movie, "The Twin Towers". Enjoy and keep fighting! And don't get caught!

Watch the movie here:

Title: The Twin Towers
Produced by: st01en collective

Description: This sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade explores post-911 issues within Mordor (aka United States).
TRT: 15 min
Year of production: 2004
Medium: DVD
Place of production: Oakland, CA

To contact us, write to: LordRings at riseup dot net

You can also check out The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade, which started this Lord of the Rings Remix trilogy at:

Coming soon: "Rejecting the King"

bravo! 03.Sep.2004 04:13


I generally hate sequels.

This one, like many starts off slow.
But it was well worth sticking in there for.
Within three minutes I was in the middle of
a great ride, that I never wanted to end.