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Archived portland indymedia "Breaking News" from the RNC Protests in NYC, Sept. 2

Here's the fifth, and last, archive of a day's worth of breaking news items as posted to the portland indymedia site during the RNC protests in NYC. Events covered include protests/marches in/from Union Square, an ANSWER-sponsored rally, protesting around Madison Square Garden, and the unfolding legal drama concerning the City's trampling of habeas corpus rights of rounded-up protesters.

Deeper analysis can start to emerge now about the meaning and significance of the events of the last week, which were often played out in the context of protester vs. authority. Authority here was embodied not just by the Bush administration - the direct target of demonstrations - but by the police and City. Overall, i belive we can at least declare a draw. That is, the protesters were not defeated; that feeling is not pervading the air, nor did it taint the actions on the ground. In the legal arena, we can perhaps actually declare victory. The National Lawyers Guild forced the City to back down when it clearly did not want to. When push came to shove over habeas corpus, a judge demanded that the City release all prisoners since it was clearly in violation of that legal concept, and when the City did not act fast enough, the judge declared the City in contempt and levied fines. Finally, the City relented, and by the end of today, it seemed that everyone had been released. In other cities after big actions, such courtroom dramas have often played out for much longer. So we can chalk at least one checkmark in the Win column.

Over the five days of breaking news updates from Aug. 29-Sep. 2, about 800 items were posted. The news came from call-ins from the street to pdx indy radio and to A-Noise Radio, from the breaking news wire on NYC indymedia, and from an internal indymedia communication board. In such a way, hundreds of people contributed information over those five days. That's a helluva lot more reporters than corporate media had out there, and it shows. The overall coverage of the protests using the indymedia tactic, on the web, the radio, and with the video and other projects yet to come, is an example of what reporting and journalismm are really about. Once more, indymedia put corporate media to shame!

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breaking news
03-Sep-2004 02:01:Reported by NYC Indymedia at 2:03am EDT - 30th & 8th: 16 people were arrested. No word yet on where they were taken.
02-Sep-2004 22:16:30th & 8th: Report that 50 protesting types remain, sitting in.
02-Sep-2004 21:28:PDX reporter in field: 30th & 8th; up at front of barricades; kids sitting on ground; debating whether to push forward or leave. Protestors (c. 100) now outnumbered by cops (200-300). Some reports of people back up at Union Square now.
02-Sep-2004 21:13:Madison Square Garden: Down to 300 protesters. Everything's mellowing out. Cops leaning on barricades. Reporter on scene knows of no arrests there tonight.
02-Sep-2004 21:12:Report from inside Madison Sq Garden. Convention over. Tons of confetti on floor. Delegates seen on hands & knees, stuffing it into pockets. Probably first time in awhile any of them were on hands & knees picking up anything from any floor.
02-Sep-2004 21:06:6th & 34th: 1000 protesters, as delegates leave in buses. Heckling all over.
02-Sep-2004 20:49:Delegate buses are going east on 27th to get out of there. People are heckling everywhere.
02-Sep-2004 20:48:7th Ave & 29th St: People are agressively heckling Republicans and not being arrested.
02-Sep-2004 20:47:30th & 8th: pdx indy activist reports that police officer said that if order to disperse hadn't already been given, it was about to be, and that he advised reporter to return to media pen.
02-Sep-2004 20:44:30th & 8th, March has "basically reunited" and there's a very festive vibe. Lots of hooting and hollering heard in background of call.
02-Sep-2004 20:38:Herald Square: Lots of Republicans and protesters, not enough of the latter.
02-Sep-2004 20:37:8th Ave., 30th-28th-ish: Cops have been removing barricades so crowd is merging back together. An officer got on a megaphone but nobody could hear what was said.
02-Sep-2004 20:36:Report that Bush has left the Garden.
02-Sep-2004 20:35:26th and 8th: People are dispersing east and south. allowed to leave. Police presence is concentrating around the group that remains at the front.
02-Sep-2004 20:35:Herald Square: "Wall to wall protesters" on both sides of street. Caller says "Nancy Reagan went by in a limo and rolled down the window and waved as if they were supporters."
02-Sep-2004 20:33:29th-39th & 8th: Cops penning people in, allowing them to leave only one-by-one.
02-Sep-2004 20:29:Lots of calls coming in from 30th & 8th Ave: reports of most people leaving, some people sitting, others being arrested while they try to leave.
02-Sep-2004 20:26:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Cops are trying to bring Diana Gonzales back in. She's been in for 35 hours. She's from NY. Cops are grabbing her now.
02-Sep-2004 20:25:30th & 8th: Much of march is trying to turn back, but 1000 people remain.
02-Sep-2004 20:23:Sit in at 30th & 8th, caller says. They're not penned in. 250-500 are sitting. If they don't leave soon they'll be arrested.
02-Sep-2004 20:21:Reports of a media protest at 34th & Broadway - 3-400 protesters are lining the sidewalk. Cops have helmets and handcuffs
02-Sep-2004 20:19:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Legal update - Only 5 detainees left inside. 4 felonies, 1 misdemeaner, all members of ACT-UP arrested on Wednesday. They'll be let out at 12:30 a.m.
02-Sep-2004 20:18:30th & 8th: Reports coming in very quickly right now: word of pens set up between 29th & 30th and 28th & 29th, police splitting crowd, people can't leave or enter, LRAD has been deployed.
02-Sep-2004 20:15:30th & 8th (where the Union Square march ended): Police have said people must leave by 11:35pm EDT or be arrested. A lot of people are not moving yet.
02-Sep-2004 20:12:Union Square march: stopped at barricades by Madison Square Garden, chanting "Let us through!"
02-Sep-2004 20:11:Union Square march: Caller says the march is being penned in on 8th Ave, between 27th and 30th.
02-Sep-2004 20:10:Union Square march: pdx indy activist reports people coming out from stores, cafes, etc.
02-Sep-2004 20:08:Union Square march: Report that the march has been stopped at 30th & 8th by barricades.
02-Sep-2004 20:07:Union Square march: 27th & 8th, moving north at a high speed. Crowd is "massive", chanting, "NO MORE BUSH!"
02-Sep-2004 20:06:Union Square march: 26th & 8th: starting @ 25th, police have barricaded off west side, so you can't go east from the march.
02-Sep-2004 20:04:Union Square march: Has reached 25th & 8th. Looks to caller like she is coming up to barricade in a couple blocks, but there have been "lots of barricades that cops have been moving" when protestors get close. "Hopefully this one too."
02-Sep-2004 20:01:35th & 7th, at Madison Square Garden. Only 2 corners are still open at this intersection. Folks watching convention on TV screen at Macy's, listening on speakers, heckling. Penn Station is closed.
02-Sep-2004 19:58:Union Square march, 19th & 8th Ave.: Reports that police are taking a "hands off" approach to march, which numbers 1000-2500 people. Riot cops are blocking off side streets, scooter cops accompanying, steering it north on 8th.
02-Sep-2004 19:55:Reports of arrests on Convention floor at Madison Square Garden.
02-Sep-2004 19:54:[ Legal/prisoner update from NYC: "Jails are essentially empty" of RNC detainees ]
02-Sep-2004 19:53:Report that the Infernal Noise Brigade, released from jail, is now playing at St. Mark's Church.
02-Sep-2004 19:52:Union Square march heading up 8th Ave. Reports of police blocking off various side streets, bringing out orange arrest netting. Crowd is boisterous and moving fast.
02-Sep-2004 19:51:Union Square march: reports of riot police blocking the way at 16th & 8th and 15th & 8th.
02-Sep-2004 19:41:Union Square march: Lines of riot police @ 15th & 8th. Might want to close off corridor on 15th -- potential choke point in either direction. The mood of the march is "high and positive".
02-Sep-2004 19:40:60 bike cops going West on Canal, probably going to go up 8th Ave.
02-Sep-2004 19:38:Union Square march: Several reports coming in; crowd is 1000-2000, moving west on 15th St. Word is that they'll be allowed to go up 8th Ave., toward Madison Square Garden. Police escort of 100+ at front of march.
02-Sep-2004 19:36:Word from inside convention: 99.4% white, same as Ivory soap. Although there are some black ushers.
02-Sep-2004 19:35:Word from inside Madison Square Garden: "not like anything i've ever experienced, or want to again." Not allowed to sit down anywhere but behind stage backdrop. "Not much different from watching it on TV."
02-Sep-2004 19:31:ANSWER Rally after-march: Now at 8th & 21st, going south.
02-Sep-2004 19:30:Apparently cops are being asses to random activist-y looking peple on the streets. 30 cops were harassing 2 guys that were walking up Broadway--not part of any march.
02-Sep-2004 19:28:ANSWER Rally after-march: Report of people at 23rd & 8th Ave, some going east bound some going south bound.
02-Sep-2004 19:25:Party to crash: Bush Twins at 3rd & Broadway at Gotham Hall (Haier Bldg) starting at 11pm.
02-Sep-2004 19:24:Union Square: report that negotiations with police failed but that people are moving anyway. another report that 500-1,000 protesters are lining up on "the left side" of the square to march north.
02-Sep-2004 19:19:ANSWER Rally: folks are lively, marching south down 8th Ave. Crowd is stretched out over several to many blocks because cops have narrowed the path people can take.
02-Sep-2004 19:18:Union Square: Caller has reported "huge line of people" getting ready to march up to Madison Square Garden.
02-Sep-2004 19:17:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Detainees still being released. Still many people outside doing jail support to welcome them as they emerge.
02-Sep-2004 19:16:Union Square: Apparently, marchers to Madison Square Garden negotiated to go 2x2, not just single file.
02-Sep-2004 19:15:30th & 8th, ANSWER Rally: No one is being held in pens anymore. However, no streets are open off of 8th Ave. until 26th St.
02-Sep-2004 19:14:A-Noise Radio playing Bush's speech and reading parts of it before he says it himself. [Text was available beforehand.] Heckling throughout. [ TUNE IN ]
02-Sep-2004 19:11:Union Square: 2500 people may be on their way up to Madison Square Garden. Apparently, they negotiated with police to march as long as they walk single file the whole way.
02-Sep-2004 19:10:Union Square: Die-in occuring, while Bush speaks in Madison Square Garden, exploiting 9/11 to promote himself.
02-Sep-2004 19:07:29th & 8th, ANSWER Rally is over. Many people are leaving, going to subways, peacefully. Only way to exit is south on 8th.
02-Sep-2004 19:06:Union Square: Team Cascadia activist reports a Long Range Acoustic Device is being moved into the square. Cops said they want to use it only to make dispersal order, not as a weapon.
02-Sep-2004 19:04: [ Photos from Madison Square Garden, just rec'd via email from cellphone camera ]
02-Sep-2004 19:00:Police are escorting Protest Warriors back to their offices peacfully, if they keep their signs down.
02-Sep-2004 18:58:ANSWER Rally sound permits expires in less than 5 minutes. Reports of police asking crowd to disperse.
02-Sep-2004 18:57:Update on unpermitted group at 5th & 37th: Group was PROTEST WARRIOR GROUP, got stopped at 6th & 38th - Police are negotiating with them. They put their signs down are kissing up. HA!
02-Sep-2004 18:56:Report from 5th & 37th: unpermitted group of ~75 marchers heading north. No police or legal or medics. Just went West on 38th.
02-Sep-2004 18:54:Contradictory accounts from ANSWER Rally: Reports of pens being opened and closed, and cops moving in. Others saying cops are being mellow. Different parts of crowd, perhaps, as this is a four block long rally.
02-Sep-2004 18:43:29th & 8th: Cops have opened a protest pen and people are bursting out to join another crowd.
02-Sep-2004 18:42:Seems to be thousands of people in the blocks around Madison Square Garden, at ANSWER Rally, in front of MSG, elsewhere.
02-Sep-2004 18:41:Reports of ton of cops arriving at ANSWER Rally - on 27th and 8th. Riot Gear police keep coming by.
02-Sep-2004 18:40:Madison Square Garden: pdx indy radio activist used press pass to get out of protest pen. 100 riot police - crowd is upset about not being able to move.
02-Sep-2004 18:39:Reports of police entering pens on 27th and 8th.
02-Sep-2004 18:38:8th & 27th - reports of lots of motorcycle cops splitting up the crowd.
02-Sep-2004 18:37:36th & 7th: Lots of police, incl. riot cops "leaving this area". Couple hundred people on the corner of 35th & 7th.
02-Sep-2004 18:36:Madison Square Garden: Reports of more than one protest pen. Cops letting people leave them, but not not re-enter.
02-Sep-2004 18:35:Union Square: police on scooters left heading north. People dancing, not as much police presence. Caller is on East 14th & Union Sq. West. Lots of police walking uptown, helmets in their hands.
02-Sep-2004 18:32:ANSWER Rally, 29th & 8th: Still looking down from second floor. Crowd chanting they won't leave. Cops "encircling" them. No visible exit for people who are penned in.
02-Sep-2004 18:30:ANSWER Rally, 29th & 8th: Looking down from second floor. 5-6000 people penned in by police barricades. Police putting helmets & gloves on and lining up in formation. She heard the cops will try to clear streets before Bush's speech starts.
02-Sep-2004 18:25:ANSWER Rally: Report that police threatened to pull the sound system if anyone criticizes the police again.
02-Sep-2004 18:24:ANSWER Rally: CopsHad everyone penned in at 29th & 8th, not letting people cross. NYCLU making arrangements to move folkks up to the next block. 20 new police came to help the trapped people move across the block.
02-Sep-2004 18:23:Union Square: eagle eye at corner of 14th and Broadway. Cops have closed of S bound on broadway. About 100-200 just got out of vans and are putting riot gear. They are now blocking off front part of the square.
02-Sep-2004 18:22:Caller at 25th and 8th. About 30 pro-war, pro-Isreal protesters penned in. She said it "looked fake".
02-Sep-2004 18:03:ANSWER Rally, 8th & 29th: Thousands of people, penned and pretty riled up. Caller reports it was difficult to get to rally because of street closures.
02-Sep-2004 18:01:Union Square: A second Long Range Acoustic Device has been deployed. Cops say they need them for communicating to crowd.
02-Sep-2004 17:55:30th & 8th, ANSWER Rally: Organizers say 4 blocks south of location are full of people and that police aren't allowing people to join from side streets. MSG is w/in sight. Cops leaning on barricades, standing around w/folded arms, not tensed up.
02-Sep-2004 17:54:Union Square: caller is at 5th Ave between 14th & 16th street. Caller estimates 200+ cops, many trucks and pens ready to go in trucks. Btwn 15th & 16th on 5th cops building up, just waiting.
02-Sep-2004 17:47:Union Square: reports of barricades around the park. Callers vary in their characterizations of the scene. One said "peacful and vibrant", another feels cops are acting threatening. Perhaps they're in different parts of the square?
02-Sep-2004 17:45:Union Square: Reports that area is "covered with undercover cops", cops have pulled up a flood light, buses in the vicinity circling.
02-Sep-2004 17:44:West side bike path. Cops are AMASSING at pier 57. Netting is ready to go. Police are waiting, 50 or 60 officers, just in the last 30 minutes.
02-Sep-2004 17:43:Caller from Herald Square says police are keeping people from entering the march at 34th & 6th Ave.
02-Sep-2004 17:42:There is an additonal small contingent of protesters rallying at 34th and 7th. Large # of police. The group is planning to march to the ANSWER rally.
02-Sep-2004 17:42:Union Square: Reports that "United States of Outrage" just started a march to Madiscon Square Garden and that police are wishing them a peacful march.
02-Sep-2004 17:42:Union Square: Southern part of park jammed w/people, probably a couple thousand.
02-Sep-2004 17:21:34th & 7th: Report from pdx indy activist: Intense police presence at Madison Square Garden. Caller was grabbed & questioned intensely when he pulled out his video camera. Witnessed same thing happen to Middle-Eastern man with camera, but worse.
02-Sep-2004 17:20:35th and 7th: pdx indy radio activist reports barricades going up, lots of re-routes and messed-up traffic.
02-Sep-2004 17:15:Union Square: Thousands of people. Great presentation by Iraq veterans against the war. No trouble with police yet.
02-Sep-2004 16:59:ANSWER Rally: mood is a step up from calm - anticipatory.
02-Sep-2004 16:55:50 pro-Bush demonstrators moving west on 36th from 9th Ave.
02-Sep-2004 16:54:Union Square: 1-2000 protesters. Police have deployed a Long Range Acoustic Device weapon, on top of a Humvee. It has volume control, diagram of range and where to stand safely, etc. A cop has just turned it on.
02-Sep-2004 16:51:At least a few hundred people are with the ANSWER rally on 8th Ave, stretching from 31st to 28th. Unknown whether they will be marching to Madison Square Garden.
02-Sep-2004 16:45:Police have penned the south side of Union Square.
02-Sep-2004 16:45:Large police presence at 20th and Broadway. Caller says that all marchers wanting to go north should avoid Broadway.
02-Sep-2004 16:37:Union Square: About 1500 people and growing. Truckload of barricades, all corners with bicycle police. People plan to march to Madison Square Garden later.
02-Sep-2004 16:27:LRAD (sound weapon) present at north side of Union Square. Also expecting towers of bright lights.
02-Sep-2004 16:07:There are 100-200 people at 29th St. and 8th Ave in the ANSWER pen, and several hundred people in Union Square.
02-Sep-2004 16:00:Union Square: reports that police have moved 20 vans to the square and are going around it, now heading west on 14th.
02-Sep-2004 15:59:34th & 7th, about a block from Madison Square Garden: pdx indy radio activist reports law enforcement personnel with automatic or semi-automatic rifles and bayonets.
02-Sep-2004 15:45:Union Square: Rally has stopped due to no amplified sound after 6:30pm. Described as a "really powerful" event, where people are still arriving. The plan is to march to Madison Square Garden by 7pm EDT.
02-Sep-2004 15:44:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Paper Tiger activist reports a police provocateur, trying to incite trouble w/the cops. Activists on the spot know he's a cop, though, & aren't taking the bait. It remains to be seen if cops will.
02-Sep-2004 15:35:The 11 ACT-UP activists arrested last night for disrupting the Republican Convention from the floor are being charged with assault and inciting a riot.
02-Sep-2004 15:23:St. James & Pearl: Police are amassing and surrounding people who are reclaiming their property. Over 50 police for the 100 people in line.
02-Sep-2004 15:00:Great news! A judge has found the City of NY in contempt and levied a fine of $1000 per person not released by earlier order, that is, by 1:00pm today.
02-Sep-2004 14:48:Union Square: More than a 1000 people, many of them military veterans, starting a vigil for those killed in recent U.S. misadventures abroad.
02-Sep-2004 14:45:Times Square mini protest - 20 cops and 20 protestors chanting, "Give the cops a contract!"
02-Sep-2004 14:20:100 Centre St.: People are still only trickling out, 5 every minute or so. So the City is still going against the court order for mass release.
02-Sep-2004 14:04:In response to accounts of detainee mistreatment at Pier 57, NYC's Mayor Bloomberg responded, "It's not supposed to be Club Med". Well, it's not supposed to be a suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed rights or due process, either, Mike.
02-Sep-2004 13:39:7th Ave is closed to all traffic from 34th to 42nd. It is probably the pResidential motorcade path.
02-Sep-2004 13:37:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: The City has been saying it can't release lots of people fast because of need to do paperwork. Judge is basically saying to skip it, and just let 'em out.
02-Sep-2004 13:35:100 Centre St.: Lawyer addressing crowd & media - accuses City of keeping detainees so long in order to keep them off streets until Bush leaves town. Asserts that the losing of people in the system is purposeful.
02-Sep-2004 13:31:100 Centre St.: 55 people are on a hunger strike, citing lack of due process and toxic conditions at Pier 57, incl. diesel fuel and oil on the floor of the facility. Several of the hunger strikers are bystanders swept up in the mass arrests.
02-Sep-2004 13:28:100 Centre St. (Central Booking/Criminal Court): Crowd is chanting "470! Let them go!" Caller who was just inside describes judge as "somewhat exasperated".
02-Sep-2004 13:26:A judge has ordered all prisoners who cannot be processed by the deadlines to be released without being processed. That's at least 470 people. One could interpret this order to mean the judge believes these people were arrested for no reason.
02-Sep-2004 13:22:The City has adjusted its count of the number of detainees being held to 1200, from 510 it reported earlier today.
02-Sep-2004 13:20:According to Rick Beck of the National Lawyers Guild: The number of people still in jail in NYC keeps going up as detainees are "found" by the City, which is moving with seemingly obstinate slowness in complying with Court orders to release people.
02-Sep-2004 13:14:Legal update from NYC: According to NYC Indymedia, the City has directly disobeyed Court orders 3 times in the last 24 hrs by not releasing detainees. Despite orders of immediate mass release, the City has been letting people out only in trickles.
02-Sep-2004 13:08:Vietnam and Gulf War vets in Union Square currently protesting against the war in Iraq.
02-Sep-2004 12:59:Eyewitness reports from central booking: support group has just been put in pens, but nothing more agressive. It appears that there's still only been a trickle of people released from 100 Center st.
02-Sep-2004 00:20:Highlights of Sept. 1: March on Media, Coca Cola protest, Bush "Unwelcome" in Queens, Jail Support & Legal machinations. [ Full archive of breaking news ]