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repiglicans party
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Hehehe... 03.Sep.2004 01:54

Tony Blair's dog


Would you guys please get more enlightened 03.Sep.2004 02:43

come on

and stop using animals to make derogatory comments about asshole humans? Some day speciesim will look as ugly as racism and sexism. Let the change start with you.

wow 03.Sep.2004 07:13


Reading from Orwell's Animal Farm, this is a familiar theme.
But it does bring down the stature of the beasties. Everyone suffers when humans abandon their spiritual base.

And 03.Sep.2004 16:35

maybe . . .

. . . stop using terms like asshole to label unethical and malicious humans, too. Assholes are good (try shitting without one!), so are genitals and their various interactions. Don't be a part of the omnipresent lie machine that says sex and our bodies are bad. So, Fuck you - it's the nicest thing I could ever say to anyone.

If you're joking, "maybe," then fine (although I don't find your 03.Sep.2004 18:43

maybe not

sense of humor funny). If you're just being defensive about speciesist word choices and behaviors, then you're part of the problem, and are helping to disunify any chance of a real progressive movement.

Sorry 04.Sep.2004 06:51


I'm not joking. I can extend my concerns about language and its impact on attitudes and behavior to include both speciesism and fear of sex and body. Sorry you are so limited in your sociolinguistic analysis.