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Nader: Evidence Supporting Impeachment Grows

Now suppose the Democratic Convention had been used to announce the bringing of impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney, as Nader has been calling for for months. Suppose they had threatened to hold every Republican Congressional Rep and Senator accountable in November if they opposed the double impeachment.

It would just install Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as President, so there is no partisan reason for Republicans in Congress to oppose impeachment. Their Party would still control the White House. There's no doubt enough votes could be garnered through pounding their consciences as well as their local constituent bases of support in votes and dollars and press sympathy.

The Republican Convention would be smothered by the press pounding on Bush and Cheney and their surrogates to answer the charges of impeachment, and they'd be up against the ropes. And by the tens of millions, pro-impeachment protesters around the country would be demonstrating to demand that Bush and Cheney simply resign, that the delegates at the Republican convention do the wise thing and nominate someone else than two people accused of high crimes on the basis of the mountain of evidence Nader alludes to above.

But no. The Democratic Party would rather spend its energy trying to silence Nader and anyone else who dares to demand that the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush/Cheney administration be taken seriously as grounds for firing them both from the jobs they didn't really earn in the first place four years ago.

Kucinich said during the primaries that impeachment now is not the best strategy because the votes are not there to succeed, and the best way to get Bush and Cheney out is just to vote them out. But he also correctly stated that only a definitively anti-war candidate could stand a chance at defeating Bush in November. Since Kerry is not that anti-war candidate, his only hope of winning is to morph into a New Improved brand of Bush. That isn't going to work.

So now the best way to get Bush and Cheney out of office is to impeach them NOW and threaten every member of Congress, regardless of party, with a vigorous district by district campaign to toss them out in November if they don't do the right thing and let Kerry run against the person who should legitimately be the incumbent Republican President -- Dennis Hastert, who is first in order of succession to the Presidency after Bush and Cheney.

Every single Democrat who voted unconstitutionally and insanely to hand Bush the power to decide when and how to annex Iraq by force should also be thrown out of office, and possibly in prison. It's time these public servants started taking their duties seriously, and face serious consequences for their abuses of the grave powers entrusted to them that have resulted in the strategic starvation, torture and slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents here, hundreds of thousands there, millions and millions cumulatively, throughout the world.