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Storm on Sun Peaks: A Green Monkey Radio Documentary

Indigenous people versus a billion-dollar ski resort. Stories of forced eviction, arrests, and attempts to strip Secwepmc (Shuswap) people of their aboriginal title. People of Skelkwek'welt take action to stop the land grab. Stay tuned!
Storm on Sun Peaks
The Green Monkey traveled to the cutting edge of the latest land grab in unceded Secwepmc territory near Kamloops, BC. We witnessed Sun Peaks Ski Resort bulldozing a lush mountainside for a golf course and housing development. The expansion is digging into the heart of Skelkwek'welt - land used by indigenous people since time immemorial.
On August 29th, over a hundred people marched through the resort and up the mountain to start building a new Skelkwek'welt Protection Centre - right in the path of the bulldozers.
Tune in Friday, September 3rd at 1:00 pm PDT for Storm on Sun Peaks, produced by Green Monkey Radio on CFRO, 102.7 FM in Vancouver.
Storm on Sun Peaks is a 50-minute audio documentary. Speakers include Irene and Janice Billy, Wolverine, Chief Stewart Phillips, Betty Krawczyk, Chief Mike Retasket, Tania Willard, Rita Wong, Ray Bobb, and others. Traditional songs and drumming are included
Listen online: Open  http://live.coopradio.org with your media player, or visit  http://www.coopradio.org for other streams.
CD recordings of this program are available. Email  radioactivegreenmonkey@hotmail.com