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The people have taken back their voices from the lying, conniving, manipulating, profit-driven, corporate fucking media. I've been glued to indy coverage for days on end, and I thank you all!!!
While the corporate media was sleeping, we took our own voices back. We stood on the streets of NY and in the common areas of Portland, and everywhere in between, and we listened to each other and learned what is really going on in NY. We heard about brave soldiers taking back the streets, buffooning riot pigs zapping and arresting people, violations of habeus corpus. We laughed and cheered when comrades brazenly liberated the flag from the brooklyn bridge, and we beat down doorways when other comrades were detained in the camps of pier 57. We bore witness to each other. We screamed to the world, and the world heard!

And all of this was done by us. You, and me, and everyone who posted to this site, listened to indy radio, called in from the streets, and all the warriors who worked long hours behind the scenes to make it all happen. We did this for each other, out of love.

Thank you imc-istas! Thanks to the voices on the radio and the fingers on the keyboards and the eyes in the streets. I love you all!
I love it too 02.Sep.2004 20:42

frequent poster @ PDX

and everyone involved.

Portland IMC is a really special one, in so many ways (don't change 'em) . . .

and thanks backatcha! 02.Sep.2004 20:46


It feels good to being doing a small part of work that interlocks w/and feeds the hearts and work of others. Cross pollination and organic collaboration rocks.

Well Done! 02.Sep.2004 21:04

Robyn's Hood

I agree. I want to send a big congratulations to Portland Indymedia, A-Noise, NYC Indymedia, all the people in the streets who remained restrained in the face of overwhelming violations of the 1st Am. I also want to send a big well done to the people who took down the flag, the computer hackers who created havoc on the NYPD channel that was being used to track protesters and for f---ing with Clear Channel stations during Limbaugh's show in a show of solidarity! You all rock and showed that direct actions need not be violent to be noticed.

The amount of co-ordination between PDX Indymedia and NYC Indymedia and A-Noise was something that networks like CNN and papers like the NY Daily News and London Guardian had to take notice.

Also well done to all of the infilitrators who caused a ruckus on the inside. Stay strong. Historically this will be rememembered as smarter, better and more savvy than '68.

We've come into our own now and shown what internet radio coupled with FM pirates, coupled with autonomous free people armed with camera phones, video cams, and digital audio recorders can do. Our coverage rivalled the corporate networks as we had more independent correspondents.

This whole week should serve as a model for future protests, actions and coverage.

KBOO too! 02.Sep.2004 22:10


This whole week I've been glued to the protesters' moves and Indymedia has given me step-by-step info, as well as individual essays. I'd read them at night, trying to catch-up, and listened to KBOO during my lunch time at work. Both were the greatest.

My soul was with the protesters, those brave, courageous people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for rising up to fascism in our country, and for the work of the people for a real democracy. peace and solidarity.

Big thanks from Germany 02.Sep.2004 23:43


You ppl did a great job! In Germany the Media showed only a few seconds of what in NYC happend. Without the radio stream I had no Idea how great you ppl are.