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Judge Orders Protestors Released; NYC Fined For Refusing to Comply

Migratory Bird's request: Order the police to drop charges, judge, if you really want justice. Fine the police department and give it to indymedia! Give it to the protestors! Take the money from the cops budget! Make the descion here and now to not even be idealogical or fair but to try and ease a little of the pain of the sham. Stop the way this is going judge becuase if you don't fight it now you will watch your city taken over... watch it become an open police state. They defied you and your "justice." Becuase you justice was still helping them out! Dontcha see? Cause we do! We do! We do and we let the whole world know! [ Read More ]
Legal/prisoner update from NYC: "Jails are essentially empty" of RNC detainees
8:30pm ruling - People had to be released at that moment w/o process. Lead counsel for Legal Aid, Michelle Maxine, was to be given full access to all the cells. She went on that tour and confirmed that there were only 25 people on RNC arrests still inside. 11 of them may have been released already. 6 of them were in the feeder pen. 8 were felonies. [ Read More ]