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Cell Phone Photos from Madison Square Garden

These just in.
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i 02.Sep.2004 19:20


bill cosby calls himself ''huxtable in his tv series.sounds like the name of a butler or something.ironic.you know, like ''huxtable, will you fetch my slippers??..yassuh mista benny! i'ze be right back fuh ya!!!!....

1 more 02.Sep.2004 19:26


7:12pm PDT
7:12pm PDT

bush 02.Sep.2004 19:28


racism.the big problem on earth.rape the people and the land to support electronic car door locks.remote control everything including thermonuclear devices.not listening to native ways.racism is the usa.bush is the world leader of racism cause he got the gunzzz

bush 02.Sep.2004 19:34


lying as he speaks.lying speech.all lies.the last gasp of a maniac

buck fush 02.Sep.2004 19:39



prince of lies 02.Sep.2004 20:03


I never understood the term until GW.

Krispy Fascism 02.Sep.2004 22:23


bu$h is the hole in the donut. Cheney is the donut.

You want to keep your eye on the donut.

The runt's list of one liners portend less for the what lies in store than what Cheney said last night.

Some history for ex-catholic... 02.Sep.2004 23:47


To the best of my knowledge, the term "The Big Lie" originated with the Third Reich, and the Nazi platform of anti-Jewish hysteria. The reason it's called the Big Lie, is that no actual threat existed, and because the lie was repeated so often and loudly that the people ended up believing it.

The parallels to the situation with the Republican Party and the "war on terrorism" today are sobering.

Sure, they claim there is a clear and present danger. They have yet to prove it to the satisfaction of at least a hundred millions US citizens. That seems like a big credibility gap to me.