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Reports from jail in NYC

Caller from jail to A-Noise Radio at 6:14am EDT: He has been held since Tuesday night. He was coming home from work and his train was stopped at Madison Square Garden. Police told everyone to get out and get back on at 34th st. But 34th was closed so that had to walk down to 35th.

Everyone was soon trapped between lines of motorcycles and police. Police were violent when making arrests - slamming people up against cars and walls. According to caller, the police were much rougher with journalists than with protesters or pedestrians like himself.

It is the caller's estimate that 40% of the arrests in that area (of 35th and Herald Square) were protesters. The rest were innocent bystanders.
Many people in his cell have health problems. He says he has only fed things that he is allergic to, like milk and peanut butter. He eats them because he's starving and then he gets sick. Another person in his cell has been having an athsma attack.


Report from another caller, at 5:55am:

He was arrested on 33rd St. when a line of cops entrapped him and others. "I was just on my way home from work, doing exactly what I was being told to do the entire time by the police."

Everyone in his cell has been held for at least 30 hours. No one has been read their rights. No one has seen a lawyer.

Many have health complaints. Many have stopped eating. There are 30 people to a cell, 11 cells on one floor. There are more cells on other floors and people keep being moved from one to another. Some entire cells have stopped eating.

They are being kept under flourescent lights the entire time. Everyone is filthy. No one has been allowed to clean up since their experience at Pier 57.

"It's gotten to the point I almost can't deal with it anymore."


For more news, go to  http://nyc.indymedia.org, or keep following here on pdx indy.

nyc 02.Sep.2004 21:49


in central while in a holding cell we counted 105 women in one cell. when i left to be printed i heard the number went up to 118. At the pier we had over 100 women in each cage for no less than 12 hours.
the toxitity of the place has given me respitory problems and a severe sinus infection. several lawsuits are currently being developed