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Official Communiqué of the Protest Warriors

Your marching orders are in.

Official Communiqu? of the Protest Warriors

Now that the RNC action is coming to an end, your new orders are in. Report ASAP to your local Army recruiting station. War will soon be declared on Iran. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve your country. Protest Warriors refusing to enlist will be ejected from the organization.

Protest "Warriors" Ha Ha Ha 02.Sep.2004 13:04

Mr. Belvedere

Those guys are so outta shape... saw them in NYC. Those bed-wetting neo-cons would be lucky if they could do one push-up.
Saw twenty of them get in a scuffle with some people. They came up and got in people's faces A31 and made the mistake of shoving the wrong person. Protest Warriors martial art skills appear to be restricted to slapping in the air, windmill style.