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K.Anderberg: Need to interview INB members NOW ~ HELP!

I need to find some Infernal Noise Brigade members NOW to interview as to what in the hell is actually going on with them in NYC. If anyone of you have any contact info as in email addresses of some INB members, I need them now. Or send them to me at  kirstena@resist.ca
I want to do an article of support for the INB. The reports are sketchy, I cannot figure out if they are arrested or not, I LOVE them and want to make sure they receive FULL jail support, so I need to talk to some people with SOLID info for an article NOW! Please tell any of them to contact me at  kirstena@resist.ca ASAP! Or send me their email addresses. I cannot get their email address off their website as I do not have an email system that works with their site and cannot get the email address to show!

I really love the INB with all my heart and truly want to spread word as to how we can help them. The sooner I can get some contacts here, the better. Please help me get in touch with the right folks ASAP! We need more solid info, as we are all concerned.


Kirsten Anderberg

homepage: homepage: http://www.kirstenanderberg.com

I will tell folks I know to email you.... 02.Sep.2004 11:35


I will tell folks I know to email you, but I'm sorry I cannot in good conscience send email addresses and contact info of friends to someone (even someone I know) without their permission....

just tell them to email me...don't post their info... 02.Sep.2004 12:07

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

Yes, I should reiterate that...I am not asking that people post their emails here. Please *do not* do that. You also do not need to send me their emails. I am asking someone get MY email to them and tell them I want to interview them for an article on the NYC arrests and what they need for community support.

Thanks so much!


of course not, x 02.Sep.2004 15:03


but you CAN, in good conscience send the email addresses listed publicly on their website.

I did.

yes 02.Sep.2004 17:42


of course s(illy) g(oose), but i figured kristina, being the smart, rockin reporter she is would have already thought of that one!

And yeah, definitly it would be super dumb to post stuff here, I hope we all know that one by now!

anyhow, I sent a message, best of luck, I hope they email ya.

right on 02.Sep.2004 23:42


but she was having computer problems, DAMN YOU MICROSOFT! Peace!