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Last night at Bryant Park

This is my own personal protest
The two of us were at the steps of Bryant Park (42nd and 6th Ave) last night, this had to be after midnight. We were hanging out, talking on the steps of this closed park. I noticed delegates walking by in small groups, usually two or more. When my buddy got on the phone to work out some jail issues with another pdx person, I saw it as a great opportunity to "greet" some of the delegates as they traveled down 6th Ave. I would scream, curse, run after them, flip them the lovely finger, telling them to go home, no one wants you here, etc, etc. You get the picture right? The best response I got, because generally, they have no idea how to respond to me, one man said, "it looks like you need a home". If I can only describe to you, that I was wearing clean, nice clothes and had taken a shower just a few hours ago....I am truly lovely! Most do not expect to get yelled at and chased down the street by someone like me. Which is why I love doing it!

Also, even though it was close to 1am, there was still a heavy cop presence at the intersection. No one bothered with us, but they were certainly watching us from a distance. There were folks that saw what I was doing and said thank you. I love NY.
good work comrade! 02.Sep.2004 10:53


hound these rich bastards relentlessly!

no sleep for the sleeping!




Good Work 02.Sep.2004 11:40


To the poster.

Good work. Those assholes won't listen to anything else. They deserve to be ridiculed and verbally assaulted. Wish I was there to join you.

Be sure to offer them a big fat stinkin' FUCK YOU from me.



It's small, personal acts of expression like these 02.Sep.2004 12:02


...that can really make people think about what they're doing.

When you walk by a bunch of people in a protest, it's easy to turn them off in your head. You are prepared for it, and you put up those ideoligical walls in your head to block it out. You feel safe, in a way, because everything is in its little box; the protesters stay in theirs, you stay in yours, and nobody's personal life is affected. "Hey, I'm just doing my job" says the Protester, "same here, have a nice day, and by the way fuck you, haha..." says the delegate. Think about it: when's the last time a bunch of abortion protesters standing in front of a clinic made you seriously think about changing your position on abortion?

But suddenly something like this happens; some random person hanging out on a street corner starts screaming shit at you, and there's no picket signs or face paint, just some kid giving you a piece of hir mind. Now, your brain is like "Random lunatic?"..."Protester?"..."Person who gets a kick out of screaming at people on the street?"..."All of the above?"... Your mind doesn't have the ability to immediately and thoutlessly label this person and tuck them away in your memory banks. Thoughts begin to take place.

When your brain cannot immediately label something, then it is forced to think about it, and forcing someone to think is the first step toward changing their mind.

Let's take this struggle out of the political arena and make it personal. Let's stop playing the game their rules and make up our own.

get a life !!!!!!!! 31.Dec.2004 04:57


Do you have a life ? DUH... I wonder why people label me as a low life... . Do you have any hope or future???