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Update on arrested Cascadians

an update on arrested Cascadians
The Team Cascadian who was arrested at the die-in is out now, on a CDA I believe (meaning that if he doesn't get arrested again within six months, the charges will be dismissed).

Will Levins is out, too. He was arrested on Broadway at the Mouse Bloc, which was protesting outside of the Broadway shows the delegates were attending. He has been helping distribute food and seems in good spirits.

However, a female Portlander was arrested today, outside of the library on 42nd St. and 5th. Ave. She is now being held on felony charges. She was in the process of leaving the protest to get food at the time, according to a friend who was arrested with her, when police blocked off the area with orange netting and began making mass arrests. The felony charge was for possession of a Leatherman knife; however, other people who were arrested with knives have not been charged for it. The woman in question had been taking videos throughout the protests and we believe that she may have been targeted because of it. At present, she is still in custody, possibly to be released tomorrow.