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Breaking News from RNC protests in NYC for Sept. 1, Archive

As is often the case at the tail end of big, multi-day actions, jail support, legal machinations, and stories from arrestees about treatment during detention were big topics today. Activists also led a March On The Media, past major corporate media outlets in the city, to highlight their lies and heinous ethics. Bush made a brief appearance in Queens, where he was greeted by a multi-ethnic protest. And people gathered outside a Republican delegate part to protest Coca Cola and their literally murderous anti-union activities. Other events happened here and there around town, as well. A-Noise Radio in NYC and pdx indy radio continued to broadcast breaking news reports from the streets and they were posted here, along with items collected by the Indymedia dispatch team.
breaking news
01-Sep-2004 23:50:100 Centre St: Simone from Austin IMC has been mediating the standoff w/police. The agreement: if protesters cleared the sidewalk & picked up trash in the park, riot cops would pull back. They have complied & the situation seems to have calmed down.
01-Sep-2004 23:46:100 Centre Street Court: Lawyers & activists unsuccessfully plead for hearing. Cops amass & seem unfriendly. [ read about it here ]
01-Sep-2004 22:25:Waldorf Astoria: 30-40 cops and 10 or so Secret Service, and no protesters.
01-Sep-2004 22:24:100 Centre St.: Arrestees are being released in 1s & 2s. ~200 people, inc. medics & folks with food, are welcoming everyone with cheers/hugs. Others are in line to go inside for the last arraignment. Some motorcycle cops, others w/long batons & helmets.
01-Sep-2004 22:10:As arrestees are trickling out, so are stories about the bad conditions in Pier 57. Untreated injuries, unsanitary conditions, no phone access for 24 hours (or booking), denial of medication, very little food/water, cages with lots of people.
01-Sep-2004 21:59:Report from Central Booking: People are going into the building to pack the courtroom on the 2nd floor to show mass support. There's a judge about to rule on the appeal of the stay.
01-Sep-2004 21:57:[ Legal update from NYC Indymedia breaking news ]
01-Sep-2004 21:51:20-30 Vespa cops riding fast down Court St in Brooklyn, past 4th St, in the direction of Smith & 9th (A31 meeting place), 2 minutes ago.
01-Sep-2004 21:43:Elmhurst, Queens, Unwelcome Bush reportback, from witness, just called in to A-Noise Radio: [ click here ]
01-Sep-2004 21:18:Guitarist for the band Aphrodesia who arrested outside of Pianos got out of jail already. He negotiated with police somehow and got released.
01-Sep-2004 21:18:34th and 11th (Coke protest): Lots of delegates are leaving the Copacabana, into the street, watching the protesters who are chanting, "No more death squads! No more coke!"
01-Sep-2004 21:15:Waldorf Astoria, where Bush or other VIP is expected to arrive: pdx indy activist reports "wall-to-wall cops" (several hundred), Secret Service & trucks filled with cement blockade equipment, but no protesters.
01-Sep-2004 20:58:~200 people at Copacabana, 34th and 11th. Delegates continuing to arrive & are being called asesinos, ladrones & other things. Obscene police presence, w/a special interest in surveilling the crowd; putting cameras with bright lights in people's faces.
01-Sep-2004 20:49:49th & 6th Ave. A portland indymedia reporter has just seen a group of police with automatic or semi-automatic rifles. "Pretty scary."
01-Sep-2004 20:46:A benefit for arrestees was being held at Piano's. Guitarist for the band Aphrodesia was standing outside the venue. In less than a minute, police pulled up and arrested him allegedly for having a pocket knife attached to his belt.
01-Sep-2004 20:37:34th and 11th (Coca Cola protest): Crowd lively, but situation is mellow; doesn't seem like an imminent arrest situation. Caller was able to enter and exit the protest pen without difficulty.
01-Sep-2004 20:36:The order to release people with just violations by 1am has been stayed. The prosecution has until 1am to find an appellate judge to overrule the order. This is likely since they can choose any judge they want.
01-Sep-2004 20:34:100 Center St. Criminal Court: Police are mobilizing to do a release because they are having trouble figuing out how to release 500 people at the same time.
01-Sep-2004 20:32:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Arrested protesters are being released to cheers from the ~200 supporters waiting outside.
01-Sep-2004 20:31:34th and 11th (Coca Cola protest): 100 people still protesting.
01-Sep-2004 20:30:Many arrested members of the Infernal Noise Brigade have been released.
01-Sep-2004 20:25:Party to crash tonight: Republican gathering at Avalon/Limelight, on 20th St and 6th Ave., confirmed by a worker at the venue.
01-Sep-2004 20:18:[ Photo from Coca Cola protest at Copacabana, via cellphone camera ]
01-Sep-2004 20:08:pdx indymedia reporter at Copacabana Coca Cola protest: Group of couple 100 protesters across the street. Very heavy police & SS presence, matching the # of protestors. Cops are saying, no signs, no standing on the street corner.
01-Sep-2004 20:03:Caller who has job near Waldorf Astoria was turned away from work, 8ish pm, by Secret Service earlier tonight, apparently in preparation for Bush arrival.
01-Sep-2004 20:01:Indymedia activist from Big Muddy IMC has been released!
01-Sep-2004 20:00:Caller from Seattle called Waldorf Astoria bar and asked if bush was coming. They said "we were told not to comment."
01-Sep-2004 19:55:34th and 11th (Coca Cola protest): a dispersal order has been given by the police. The smaller group is leaving, but there is a larger group staying there.
01-Sep-2004 19:45:pdx indy reporter at Waldorf Astoria: The place is "really well locked down". Secret Service followed him into a nearby deli. Not seeing the protesters reported earlier.
01-Sep-2004 19:44:Report from where cops are returning belongings to people, on Pearl St. About 100 people are waiting, some up to 3.5 hours. 4 cops inside are handling bag dispersal. It's just an extremely slow process and everyone is working well together.
01-Sep-2004 19:42:The protester associated by the Police with the dragon-float fire on Sunday has had his bail set at $200,000.
01-Sep-2004 19:38:Perimeter search of Union Square by NYPD via helicopter in progress.
01-Sep-2004 19:34:Two or three arrests on the floor of the Republican Convention during Vice pResident Cheney's speech.
01-Sep-2004 19:30:34th & 11th (Coca Cola protest): Republican delegates are at Copacabana. Protesters are being kept across the street. Lots of police. killercoke.org is there.
01-Sep-2004 19:15:Large group of protesters on bikes at 30th St. & 10th Ave - 20 people surrounded by cops.
01-Sep-2004 19:12:Protester Tip of the Hour: Caller reports that undercover cops today can be identified by the yellow terrycloth bands they are wearing on their arms. (Protesters have noticed undercovers wearing a particular color armband each day.)
01-Sep-2004 19:11:Announcement: Protest Bush at Waldorf Astoria at 11pm EDT tonight. 301 Park Ave.
01-Sep-2004 19:10:Coca Cola protest: Police have set up a protest pen, or else you can move around the block. A couple hundred people there. Tons of buses in case of arrest.
01-Sep-2004 19:06:Waldorf-Astoria (where Bush is): indymedia reporter says there are about 150 people surrounded by police, and that the cops have threatend arrest. Reporter says support is needed there.
01-Sep-2004 19:00:Police also put up a protest blockade at Waldorf Astoria, but there is only on person behind the blockade -- a pro-Bush activist. Spread the word!
01-Sep-2004 18:57:pRresidential motorcade just stopped at Waldorf Astoria. Police blocked off 51st-53rd on the East Side. Park blockaded to foot traffic.
01-Sep-2004 18:55:Caller from Seattle who filed ethics complaint against judge that denied permit to protest at Central Park has rec'd a letter from some NY state gov't agency that will be investigating the judge's ruling to see if it is economically motivated.
01-Sep-2004 18:54:Coca Cola protest, 34th & 11th: W. side: 100-300 cops, 30 protesters, helicopter, netting, pepper spray available but unused.
01-Sep-2004 18:50:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: Judge has ruled that arrestees w/violations/tickets need to be out by 1am tonight, & those w/misdemeanors by 9am tomorrow. This does not include John/Jane Does.
01-Sep-2004 18:48:34th & 11th (Coca-Cola protest): Police are getting into formation to deploy nets.
01-Sep-2004 18:47:March on Media is done. Great video and audio to come, from indymedia activists who were on the scene there.
01-Sep-2004 18:43:Call from jailed activist inside 100 Centre St.: estimates 1000 protesters inside, with 700 still to be arraigned. The caller is encouraging people to be outside of the Court doing support when people get out.
01-Sep-2004 18:40:Call from jailed activist inside 100 Centre St.: They're moving arrestees around from the large cells to small cells to fuck with people, making them think that folks are getting let out when they're not.
01-Sep-2004 18:39:Call from jailed activist inside 100 Centre St.: anyone who's already been processed. if it's been done by now, they should be out by 1am. if people haven't been processed, they'll be out by 9am tomorrow.
01-Sep-2004 18:37:More info on habeas corpus situation: The judge's ruling will apply only to those arrested before 7:30pm EDT, today. (Not clear if it's if you were arrested after 7.30 or if the NLG didn't learn about you until after 7.30.)
01-Sep-2004 18:27:100 Centre St.: People chanting, "24 hours, no lawyers".
01-Sep-2004 18:25:March on Media, 48th & 6th: Protester injured. Cops are keeping media across the street, but are allowing a medic to approach.
01-Sep-2004 18:22:100 Centre St. Criminal Court: The judge is about to come out w/a ruling about whether habeas corpus applies. if it DOES, then all the protesters that've been held for 24 hrs must be released. About 100 protesters are outside chanting.
01-Sep-2004 18:20:March on Media, 48th & 6th Ave, in front of FoxNews: Protester is detained for no reason that anyone can see. Police have surrounded people on all four sides. Over a thousand, still.
01-Sep-2004 18:19:Caller at 42nd and 3rd Ave says 3rd Ave is completely barricaded. Can't see where it ends north. No one can cross 3rd Ave.
01-Sep-2004 18:12:March on Media: Caller estimates 1200 folks around 6th Ave & 48th/49th Sts. Stationary at end point of rally.
01-Sep-2004 18:11:[ Another photo from March on Media, via cellphone camera ]
01-Sep-2004 18:08:34th & 11th Ave: Heavy police presence in anticipation of Coca Cola protest scheduled for 9:30pm EDT.
01-Sep-2004 18:07:Update from Arturo Commando (jailed pdx indy radio activist): Cops smashed his digital camera, kicked away his friend's phone, when he was arrested. Charged with reckless endangerment for taking photos. Release expected soon.
01-Sep-2004 17:57:UPDATE on jail solidarity: Approximately two dozen people are engaging in jail solidarity by refusing to provide their identities. Of those, an unknown number of arrestees are on hunger strike. One person has been striking since sunday.
01-Sep-2004 17:54:Caller from Elmhurst, Qns, where Bush is expected: nothing going on, just a few hundred milling about, a few pro-bush signs, not much in the way of protesters. Grand Ave subway stop, which is open, is actually the nearest to the event.
01-Sep-2004 17:48:Caller says Bush will be at 83-20 Queens Blvd near 51st Ave. They've shut down all the subways around there. Caller sez Bush will be there at 10 p.m.
01-Sep-2004 17:46:March on Media: An activist from Cascadia has been arrested. Cops are throwing a weapons charge at her because, they say, she had a leatherman multi-tool on her.
01-Sep-2004 17:39:March on Media: reports that police have "reopened the sidewalk" around the march.
01-Sep-2004 17:37:March on the Media: Legal and media people across the street from Radio City are being forced to go down 50th, & cannot see the protest, which is now completely surrounded by police, about a block south of radio city hall. ~1000 protesters there.
01-Sep-2004 17:36:Report of cops ammassing in Union Square, though there are few if any protesters there.
01-Sep-2004 17:34:March on Media: A caller reports 100 bike cops on side street by 6th Ave, east of march.
01-Sep-2004 17:33:Protester Tip of the Hour: small fingernail clippers, stashed on your person, might help w/ plastic handcuffs.
01-Sep-2004 17:32:March on Media: Confusing reports coming in from 48th & 6th. One said police are trying to disperse the march. Another says police "broke down" the march's sound system.
01-Sep-2004 17:30:March on Media: Cops clearing sidewalks at 48th & 6th.
01-Sep-2004 17:28:March on Media: Cops have set up pens, to hold people in, at 48th & 6th, at FoxNews.
01-Sep-2004 17:26:March on Media: Police presence growing at FoxNews, which march is approaching.
01-Sep-2004 17:23:Broadway & Queens Blvd, Queens (where Bush might be): motorcade 2-3 blocks away. police blockading. mixed crowed: protesters, supporters, onlookers, people just in a hurry. mellow crowd.
01-Sep-2004 17:20:March on Media: is at 50th & 6th, heading south. Definitely over a 1000 people, very upbeat.
01-Sep-2004 17:14:March on Media: 1000-1500 people. Cops peaceful but in riot gear, arrest wagons arriving. Protest pen is 1 lane wide by about 1 - 1.5 blocks long. More people arriving and about 200 people across the street, other side of 6th Ave.
01-Sep-2004 17:05:JP Barlow, co-founder of Electronic Freedom Foundation, being interviewed on A-Noise radio, describing the result of a population that gets its info about political/current events from corporate media: "government by a hallucinating mob".
01-Sep-2004 17:02:[ Another photo from March on Media, via cellphone camera ]
01-Sep-2004 16:56:March on Media: Next stop is Fox News at 48th and 6th Ave. Cops on horses coming up 6th.
01-Sep-2004 16:51:March on Media: Michigan IMC reporter says way more than 500 people, filling a lane of traffic in front of Radio City Music Hall. Plan is to keep marching. Everyone is having a good time.
01-Sep-2004 16:48:March on Media: Protesters chanting, "Whose media? Our media!"
01-Sep-2004 16:47:March on Media: Police have blocked off 6th Ave between 50th and 51st (in front of Radio City Music Hall), where protesters are currently rallying.
01-Sep-2004 16:45:March on Media: crowd chanting, "We're not buying it! We're not buying it!"
01-Sep-2004 16:44:March on Media: Speaker - "We're here to show the media that it is a paper tiger, and we have the tools to break it apart and reveal it for what it is!"
01-Sep-2004 16:34:March on Media: Indymedia audio reporter says march is in front of radio city music hall, where a rally is taking place; scene is boisterous but peaceful.
01-Sep-2004 16:33:Reports of NYPD buses being moved toward March on Media.
01-Sep-2004 16:33:Caller says there is a fleet of roughly 15 delegate buses just sitting like ducks at Central Park South and 6th Ave. No protester presence.
01-Sep-2004 16:32:March on Media: Three blocks long, moving south on 6th ave, stretching from 53rd to 56th.
01-Sep-2004 16:31:March on Media, 52nd & 6th: Crowd chanting, "Whose airwaves? Our airwaves!" Caller just got instruction from police to move along. Cops are moving barricades with them. Playing cat-and-mouse.
01-Sep-2004 16:30:March on Media: 52nd & 6th. People are being moved down the street by riot cops. The crowd is upbeat - "the best mood I've seen so far". Cops are being intimidating, like they're looking for trouble.
01-Sep-2004 16:26:March on Media heading to TimeWarner at 50th Street and 6th Ave.
01-Sep-2004 16:25:Elmhurst update: R V G trains will not stop @ woodhaven Blvd, suggest using grand Ave or 63/64 -- stops before and after. caller says this comes from the MTA (calling MTA gives a recording)... this is from 7:30p to 9:30p.
01-Sep-2004 16:24:[ photo from March on Media, via cellphone camera ]
01-Sep-2004 16:12:March on Media, 52nd & 6th: People chanting "No More Lies!" Crowd has grown to several hundred. Currently, people are in a pen, but police presence is not large.
01-Sep-2004 16:11:Subway service has been suspended onthe lines approaching Elmhurst for a "special event" starting at 7:15pm tonight, according to MTA announcements on the G. This is presumably due to Bush's presence at a firehouse there 10-11 tonight.
01-Sep-2004 16:10:March on Media: 52nd & 6th: Very vocal crowd, growing exponentially.
01-Sep-2004 16:09:48th & 6th: FoxNews. Police gathering, apparently in preparation for March on the Media.
01-Sep-2004 16:01:March on the Media will take people past corporate media locations around NYC, to target their lies. [ more info ]
01-Sep-2004 15:59:March on the Media, at 52nd and 6th Ave., in front of CBS, to start soon. 150-200 people and growing, w/signs about corporate control of media. 30some cops. Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping is preaching!
01-Sep-2004 15:50:NYC Legal spoke w/jailed pdx indymedia radio activist Arturo Commando, who says he is ok. He is expected to be out within the next 12 hrs. We miss him.
01-Sep-2004 15:30: [ cellphone camera Labor Rally photos ]
01-Sep-2004 15:17:NYC IMC reports: 4PM the Labor march ends w/a large stationary rally on 6th Ave extending ~4-5 north-south city blocks. Tens of thousands of labor activists are separated largely by union affiliation and are listing to union speakers and live music.
01-Sep-2004 14:40:Labor Rally update from pdx indy reporter on the scene. The march is about ten blocks long and "very spirited". Said he'd send photos from his cellphone camera soon.
01-Sep-2004 14:17:Several thousand people are in the labor march, which is at 31st and 8th.
01-Sep-2004 13:32:Earlier mentioned protest at 24th St & 8th Ave was the Central Labor Council Protest. It's now going strong up 5th Ave from the mid 20's to the low 30's. Cops are lining both sides of the Avenue.
01-Sep-2004 13:19:Call from an arrested woman currently being held in Central Booking, talking about detention conditions and prisoner treatment.
[ click here ]
01-Sep-2004 13:13:24th St & 8th Ave: Confirmed protest of ~300 people moving northbound. This is a planned demonstration with permit. A cop was overheard saying "to keep an eye on them" because it's "planned to be big". Officer also said "Pour hot water on them."
01-Sep-2004 12:40:NYC Indymedia activist calling from Ground Zero: "We Were There" protesters can be heard making noise in background. Cops are being easy-going so far.
01-Sep-2004 12:36:The We Were There March has arrived at Ground Zero at Church and Fulton.
01-Sep-2004 12:33:Reports of police snatch squads at St. Mark's Church (a center of protest organizing).
01-Sep-2004 12:31:Stuyvesant HS "We Were There" march to Ground Zero: Protesters staying on sidewalks and have been joined by other members of the community, swelling numbers to over 50. Heading east on Chambers. Lively chants can be heard in background of caller.
01-Sep-2004 12:18:Chambers St: About 30 young people are marching to the World Trade Center Ground Zero to protest the Republican Party's exploitation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 for political purposes. Caller got off line because cops were "getting antsy".
01-Sep-2004 12:00:Report about arrestee releases from 100 Centre St. Criminal Court Building, where a PDX activist has been since before 10AM:
[ story ]
01-Sep-2004 11:40:Call from in front of the United Nations Building a few minutes ago: Two marches heading there merged. One march is Sudanese, the other American (no known affiliations). They will likely be getting their permit taken away soon.
01-Sep-2004 11:38:word is: BUSH IS HAVING DINNER AT THE 4 SEASONS tonight on 52nd... a woman whose friend works there just called... stay tuned for confirmation...
01-Sep-2004 11:35:Reports are circulating that Bush will be at Elmhurst Italian Charities of America Social Club, 8320 Queens Blvd. He plans to watch Cheney's speech tonight surrounded by NYC Firefighters.
01-Sep-2004 11:33:[ NYC Indymedia's breaking news so far today ]
01-Sep-2004 11:17:So far in NYC today: Jail solidarity protests at Pier 57, where as many as 2000 arrestees are being held; ACT-UP disrupts Convention inside Madison Square Garden; Protesters in row boats near Pier 57 being detained/arrested.