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Latest breaking news from Jail Support / Writ hearings in NYC

from nyc breaking news...
01:58 AM
Police are moving into formation creating a wall between jail supporters and Central Booking. Their intentions are unclear. They have allegedly made the statement, "We're tired and we don't want to arrest anybody." But they have brought in at least 4 vans and 15 cops in helmets, with handcuffs and batons.

02:00 AM
Lawyers and few spectators going back inside to Supreme Court for hearing on writ, though clerk and stenographer not present. 75 people that were inside left and were unsuccessful in getting clerk and stenographer from Criminal Court to come up to the Supreme Court so the hearing could be held.

02:22 AM
Rumors of imminent mass arrests in front of the jail are being refuted by people in communication with cops on the ground. They have been told they cannot block the sidewalk, but are not going to arrest anyone.

latest 02.Sep.2004 00:46


03:29 AM
An emergency court session was just concluded that gave at least one attorney, Daniel Myers, access to the detainees. People with medical problems will be given first priority. Meyers reported that as of 3:30 am 9/2/04 over 90% of the detainees had been held for over 24 hours. There are more than 600 protesters inside and many of them are very young. The writ of habeus corpus will go before the judge this morning at 9:00 am in room #130, at 60 Centre St.

02:36 AM
The court has recessed until 10:00am tomorrow morning. People will continue to be released, but not expedited. Attorney's will now be allowed access to detainees who have complained of medical problems. There is a list of 137-700 people who have made complaints.

02:34 AM
Simone from Austin IMC has been mediating the standoff with police outside the jail. An agreement was reached that if protesters cleared the sidewalk and picked up trash in the park, police would pull back riot cops. They have complied and the situation seems to have calmed down.

Short Sketch of My Friend Jail 02.Sep.2004 01:38

Brian A. Pace

My friend is in jail and he does not even have a docket number. This means he will not be getting out of police custody anytime soon, despite the court opening again at 10am. I last saw him cheering on arrestees at the Die-In on 28th and Madison. He had just returned to NYC after living there for 3 years and was "spreading smiles to New York" and told me to call him in a half hour. This is not the "menace to society" that the city's lawyer would like to paint him as and hold until the end of the RNC. Since I have no real information and only found out that he was arrested (although I guessed as much) around 11pm, I imagine he was caught up in one of New York's finest orange nets.

It's late, I miss my totally nonviolent friend and I am indignant about the NYPD's frivolous arrest that will doubtlessly be defended in the name of "National Security". I do not feel very secure. I know that the people inside "Guantanamo on the Hudson" are being subjected to dangerous asbestos and other chemical residues. In sharp contrast are NYC building code hatchet men shutting down the IMC/Paper Tiger Press benefit for lack of a sign warning women that pregnancy and alchohol do not mix. There was another "surprise" inspection of the convergence space that PDX IMCer's are staying at earlier this week. I am rambling. I am sure that those inside are deleriously bored, uncomfortable and...and I am still rambling.