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Nader Story not Featured?

Especially since he missed by only 250 votes?
Surely a newsworthy and local story
not original reporting 01.Sep.2004 22:55

not featurable (yet)

the nader story on the newswire right now (see below) is not original, but a statesman journal repost, and therefore not a feature article. someone needs to research and write an article and post it on the newswire. (someone probably is working on one as we speak.) this will be a feature article with lots of back-links pretty soon, or at least i hope it will.


here's why it's not featured YET 01.Sep.2004 23:00

pdx indy activist

It's absolutely local and newsworthy. A couple of us who do features were looking at it tonight (in between RNC in NYC updates). Problem is, the original article is from a corporate newspaper. Only original writing from individuals or activist groups (or occasional other alt press) goes into the center column. What's needed is an originally written account of what happened, and then THAT text can be used to build the feature in the center column. Anyone could write that text -- just a quick summary -- and post it as a comment, and then the feature could be made from that. Perhaps one of the comments already on the post would work for that; i haven't checked in the last couple-three hours. YOU could write something, if you wanted!

So, one way or another, expect the story to be featured quite soon.

Thanks for writing. It was a good question. Hope this answer made sense.

Ah, Copyrights 01.Sep.2004 23:13


I realize your difficulty, so that's why I just posted the Press Release from the Sec't of State's office. That is PD. But it seems to have disappeared.

it's not about copyrights... 01.Sep.2004 23:29

pdx editor

...it's about original writing, and encouraging it to happen. indymedia is about people being empowered to tell the news themselves, in their own words, and about us all breaking the cultural addiction to the corporate media. a new media cannot be built by using the works of the corporate media.