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No RNC: Free Crazy 8-Ball!

Free Crazy 8-Ball!
Crazy 8-Ball, notorious anarchist, was arrested by the goon squad yesterday...

(comics...sorry, been drinking again after having to deal with police brutality in NYC...)
Crazy 8-Ball 2: Little Gitmo! 01.Sep.2004 22:16

el Buracho

The next installment...release 'em all by 6 a.m., Judge!

NO RNC: The 8-Ball Underground? 01.Sep.2004 22:19

el Buracho

Almost done my wine, friends almost out of Pier 57!
(Saving three bottles for them...)

NO RNC: Najaf Shenanigans! 01.Sep.2004 22:26

el Buracho

Better let 'em out...

As The Ball Turns . . . 01.Sep.2004 23:18


I love this crazy-ass thing! Keep it coming!