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Brief report-back from Unwelcome Bush protest in Elmhurst, Queens

a woman just called in to A-Noise Radio to report back about the protest against Bush on his quick visit to Queens.
150 protesters showed up to protest. Mixed crowd, ethnically diverse. Lots of cops keeping people in pens w/wooden barricades. 20-25 pro-Bush supporters, too. Everyone was "all the way on the other side of Queens Blvd," not close to the building where Bush was appearing. Cops were pretty hands-off. It seems that Bush either never came to the firehouse, or came and went very quickly. Different road closures made it difficult to get home. Cops were asking for ID to prove that you lived on closed streets, and wouldn't let you down without them. It was about 8pm when the motorcade came, and it was 9pm when it left.
wow 01.Sep.2004 22:11


That's so exciting, great reporting sunflower!!

You're welcome, but... 01.Sep.2004 23:01


...the real credit goes to the awesome woman who called in. i just took notes from her call and posted 'em here.