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Preparing for cheney in Pendleton

Information from Pendleton regarding cheney visit
Helicopters have been flying low over Gordon Smith's home in Pendleton for the past few days. Guns are busy at the shooting range...including machine guns. The secret service personnel are staying at the Holiday Inn and Kerry signs are going up all over town. I guess the welcome mat is out for cheney and smith.
Pendleton Conference Center 01.Sep.2004 23:16


Pendleton C.C. Aerial
Pendleton C.C. Aerial
Pendleton C.C. Complex
Pendleton C.C. Complex
First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan

not a reformist 02.Sep.2004 09:22


I'm not a reformist but I also don't believe the logic that if bush gets elected there will be a revolution.

Therefore, as a radical I take getting bush out of office seriously and the status of Oregon as a swing state seriously. I would be in favor of going to Pendelton to "greet" Cheney if good media and messaging for an action were involved.

Better yet, I would prefer to see anyone who wants to go to Pendleton go door knocking with voter registration cards and the intent to have an open conversation with locals in the days before the event.

Going down there with bongos or black flags won't get us very far.