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how do you make stickers

how do you make stickers
Any help on making stickers? I'm gonna print these up on Avery Labels, but full-on stickers would be way cooler and less likely to melt in the rain.

As of 8/30/04
US Military deaths: 978
Civilian deaths: 13,000
Cost: $130,000,000,000
Chemical weapons: 0
Biological weapons: 0
Nuclear weapons: 0
Cheap roll stickers 01.Sep.2004 21:07

sticker person

I had some stickers made from a company on the east coast called the dem store. I know even mentioning a dem store on PDX Indymedia is asking for controversy, but they treated me pretty well. It's a union operation and for about $250 you can get 10,000 2 inch one color circles done. Check out the economy rolls link for the best price. Search google for "the dem store" to find the site.

Bumper sticker paper 01.Sep.2004 23:15


You can buy some buper sticker paper at Office Depot. lay up multiple copies on an 8 x 11 sheet of papaer then xerox that onto the bumper sticker paper. Just cut out the stickers with a paper cutter.

gayle, does the bumper sticker paper get 02.Sep.2004 10:21


covered with anything so the print doesn't wear off?

cheapest stickers... 02.Sep.2004 10:48


At Kinko's and a lot of other places, you can get a full page sticker. Print whatever you want on it, and cut it up into pieces. Can be simpler than using pre-cut labels. Maybe rub melted wax on the sheets after they're copied to prevent rain damage...