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Presidential Candidate Obrador Drops from Headlines as Opposition to Fox Swells

...thousands of striking workers accused Vincente Fox of betraying the Mexicans who voted for him four years ago, when the conservative former
Coca Cola executive's election victory ended seven decades of often authoritarian one-party rule. (did it? -ed.)

"He's bad news, and he's a liar," said electricity worker Enrique Marin. "This government is incompetent. It has done nothing to benefit the people."
You had to read most of the story, just an hour ago before seeing a mention of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, even though things are going badly for Mexican president Vincente (Vicente) Fox.
He's taken it on the chin and now begs for a truce. Is that a good reason to him posing for holy pictures in today's headlines?

So it was with Reuters story off the wire minutes ago.

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thank you for posting this. 02.Sep.2004 00:08


sounds like remarkable things are happening in Mexico.