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Reflections from a Portlander on cops in NYC and a neat tactic that worked against Republican delegates

Specifically regarding the cop presence ...On August 29 with half a million people jammed into major streets surrounding madison square garden the police were fairly laid back and all dressed in their *blues*. This resulted in people in the streets having actual conversations with them and inquiring after their contracts, etc. I did see a handful of cops with riot helmets on that you could clearly see their face through, but that was just a hat paired with the policeman blue cloth outfit. Aside from my affinity for fashion, the reason I post this is to underscore the fact that police systematically escalate reactions ("violence") from protestors at Portland events by dressing up in their full body, no skin showing, storm trooper riot outfits. It was startling for me to talk to cops and have them respond like humans during a protest. We are so completely getting fucked by the robo-cop routine they pull here in portland. We bring what? 500? a 1,000? people to a protest here and you're lucky if the officer is wearing his badge number on top of his thick black padded chest. ' [ Read More ]