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NYPD Tac-1 Infiltrated. C-BLOC claiming responsibility

From NY Indymedia
Either we have friends on the inside or we are getting very clever.

Web based Scanner for GOP Tac-1 radio channel 01.Sep.2004 20:13


Radio is fun 01.Sep.2004 21:10

radio hobbyist

There are many interesting channels (almost everything except actual "secret" classified communications) available with a common analog/digital trunking combo scanner, which you can get at Rat Shack for under 200 bucks. 100 or less at a pawn shop.

It's perfectly legal to listen to cops, fire and other public service communications. Neighborhood watch do it all the time to keep an eye out for thieves and such. However, it's illegal almost everywhere, including OR and I bet NY, to use the information gleaned by listening in the course of committing or aiding any criminal activity (such as blocking the street, I guess) and this can be used against people when they are having the book thrown at them.