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Is NY IndyMedia website overloaded or hacked?

I've been unable to connect to the NY IMC website for the last few hours.
I've been watching it the last few days consistently and now it appears to be down. Does anyone know if this is due to heavy traffic or if it has been hacked?
Loaded fine 01.Sep.2004 18:30

Eltear eltearpdx(no spam) @ netscape.net

I accessed the site just fine - perhaps it is a problem with your server? I too have been a bit obsessive compulsive about keeping an eye on NY action. Solidarity ... at a distance.

working fine for me all day 01.Sep.2004 18:31


I think they're using a bunch of servers, possibly 1 is down. If you're using windows try going to start - run and enter this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

That should move you to a different server.

seconded 01.Sep.2004 18:42

we the people

I know nothing about the current issue. Though I noticed similar huge delays or lags in anything appearing several days ago when posting/commenting. It came up though.

thanks techie 01.Sep.2004 18:48


That worked. I can access it again. I imagine the traffic on their site is heavy these days - maybe temporary overloads.

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