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Conservatives for Kerry

just emailed
what's this sign mean? are they serious or sarcastic? arguments could be made either way.
serious 01.Sep.2004 15:49


Many conservatives back Kerry. If it was sarcastic it wouldn't have that particular bash on Bush.

wny wouldn't it be serious? 01.Sep.2004 16:09

Anon E. Mouse

As sort of a former conservative (now I'm not sure what I am, but I probably wouldn't be considered Conservative by the current definitions) who still has some conservative friends and can understand the mindset:

There are Conservatives who do not consider the war in Iraq to be something a true Conservative would do given the cost in both $$ and lives. I for one doubt that Ronald Reagan would have invaded Iraq given the same circumstances and Reagan was certainly a Conservative (no doubt he would have sent cruise missles over, but I really doubt he would have invaded).

Also, Bush is spending a lot of money and running record deficits something that many conservatives do not like (hence the 'hard on the economy' slogan on the sign). Then there is the so-called "Patriot" Act which many Conservatives oppose for it's strengthening of the police state (true conservatives are opposed to an all-powerful state and are opposed to statism in general - this is why they want to have guns just in case the government gets out of hand).

Many Conservatives are also quite upset about all the jobs that have been sent overseas during this administration and see offshoring as destructive.

I'm not sure that 'Left' and 'Right' are good labels, they give a false impression that the views of the people on the Left and the views of the people on the Right are completely opposed - in many cases they tend to overlap.

soft on Bin Laden 01.Sep.2004 16:13

Anon E. Mouse

I forgot to add to my previous post that many Conservatives think that getting Bin Laden should have been the priority instead of the diversion of going into Iraq to get Saddam (who had nothing to do with Sept. 11th). They feel that the Iraq war has actually compromised our security instead of strengthening it.

Hehehe... 01.Sep.2004 16:30

Tony Blair's dog

"...many Conservatives think that getting Bin Laden should have been the priority instead of the diversion of going into Iraq to get Saddam (who had nothing to do with Sept. 11th)."

And exactly what has Bin Laden got to do with 9/11?

no, it's probably for real. . . 01.Sep.2004 16:46

Hal E. Burton

A. Mouse has done a very cogent summary, I would only add. . .

The Concord Coalition, for one, is very vocal about the deficits. (But, really, that's our kids problem. . .along with funding our Social Security. (To quote Cheney, "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter anymore."))

Likewise, Pat Buchanan is vocal about interventionist foreign relations. (I never, never thought I'd agree with him on anything. . .who knew?)

photo is from NYC today 01.Sep.2004 16:53

pdx indy activist

i shoulda mentioned that

Links to some Verry Good Speeches 01.Sep.2004 20:49

Bird Dog

Direct Link 01.Sep.2004 20:51


kill! kill! kill! kill! kill! 01.Sep.2004 21:16

are we safe yet?

Remember the "Monroe Doctrine"?

Monroe advanced the now-timid-sounding idea that America should project imperial power over merely ONE entire hemisphere of the globe.

Who'd've thunk that would one day be the "conservative" position?

Now the Repubs say anybody who ever voted against a defense appropriation in his life is "soft."

Nothing is ever enough. More bombs! More! More! MORE!

Thanks Bird Dog. 02.Sep.2004 03:45

Tony Blair's dog

Great video!