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Forest "Service" Noxious Weed Plan Would Allow Toxic Spaying Throughout Cascadia

The Pacific Northwest Region (includes Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) addressing invasive plants. While it's important to step up measures to control invasive plants, toxic chemicals are NOT the way to do it...
Stop Toxic Spraying in National Forests

While the issue of noxious weed control and prevention may not seem as charismatic as other problems facing public lands in the Northwest (i.e.logging). However, the adoption of the Invasive Plant EIS will have huge implications for ALL of Cascadia. The plan will cover all National Forests in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. It's cruicial that they adopt a plan that focuses on prevention measures such as stopping livestock grazing, enforcing and strengthening equipment cleaning protocols (including during fire suppression activities), and closing unnecessary (most) roads and not building new ones. Manual weed pulling operations could create many jobs. Some communities already have regular volunteer weed pull days as a way of stewarding nearby public lands.

One of the reasons the Forest "Service" is coming up with a new noxious weed management is that aerial pesticide and herbicide spraying has been halted the last couple of years due to a lawsuit by Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project/League of Wilderness Defenders. For a summary of this case, check out "Aerial Spraying is Point Source Polution" at:

***Another article about the DEIS:



1) Comment on the DEIS: The deadline is November 24, 2004. You can check out the DEIS (and Forest Service propaganda about their plans) at:  http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/invasiveplant-eis/ Also, you can contact Gene Skrine at 503-808-2685 and request a written copy to be mailed to you.

Sample comments will be posted on this site and other places.Comments can be submitted by email to:  r6_IPEIS@fs.fed.us, or by writing: Invasive Plant Project, USDA Forest Service, PO Box 3623, Portland, OR 97208.

2) Make your voice heard at one or more open houses hosted by the Forest Service. Interestingly, the Forest Service is not planning to have any open houses in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, or Ashland. It's probably a good idea for folks to complain about this when they call Gene Skrine (503-808-2685). Seeing that there's so many people from large westside cities that like to go out to the National Forests, it would make sense to have a couple more open houses over there...

Currently, the closest open house to Portland is in Gresham:

September 16, 2004

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Gresham, Oregon

Silver Cloud
11518 NE Glenn Widing Drive
Columbia Trail and Columbia Gorge Rooms

--for a complete list of the open houses, check out:

more to be posted later on this topic...