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Photo of soliders with rifles in Union Station in NYC

this photo was emailed from a cellphone camera in NYC, Tuesday night at 7:34pm
Not a happy sight!
that's reality here 01.Sep.2004 14:27

body cavity politic

Yep, that's been reality in NYC since 9/11...
National Guard has been deployed ever since.

Can you say, ORWELL?

Can you say posse comitatus? 01.Sep.2004 15:39


This government doesn't give a fuck anymore. They do whatever they want. Those soldiers are not permitted to engage in domestic law enforcement activities. The end is neigh.

This is not at Union Station 01.Sep.2004 15:58


NYC does not have a train station called Union Station. There is one in Portland, LA, Chicago, and Washington, DC, but not in NYC. It looks more like Grand Central Terminal to me.

That looks more like Grand Central Station to me. 01.Sep.2004 21:23


Having been through both Grand Central and Penn Station several times, that looks a lot like Grand Central Station to me.

So so sad to see soldiers. Never honestly thought it would come to this over peaceful protest. We have lost democracy. Start putting your "when democracy is lost" contingency plans into action, folks. We ain't got nothin' to lose.