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labor dnc & rnc actions

orange netting deployed @ W34th and Sixth Ave

orange netting deployed
orange netting deployed @ 4:59 pm EST
pic 01.Sep.2004 14:05

pic poster

pictures @ herald square

pic @ 5:14 01.Sep.2004 14:18

Ben Arnold

pic @ 5:14 pm EST (hope this works)

i don't see anything, Ben 01.Sep.2004 14:24

pdx indy workerbee

did you remember to attach it to your comment through "browse"?

oops 01.Sep.2004 14:29

Benny A-hole

here we go again...

visit the site... 01.Sep.2004 14:37

Ben Rock City

here's the webcam site pic drawn from:


zoom in on manhattan.
some cams offline, others showing same pic all day.