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Solidarity with NYC arrestees at U.S. Embassy in Madrid!

from comrades in Madrid: "About 60 persons (mostly anarchists)showed up today at the US Embassy in Solidarity with those arrested in New York. Dozens of UIP cops (anti-group), including an armoured vehicle, were waiting for demonstrators while a police helicopter flew around the area (they were probably expecting more people). Police identified the first persons that got there and took positions in both sidewalks, so the people coming were divided in two groups, and wouldnīt let any banners be displayed...
...The two groups coordinated by cell-phones and decided to leave the area, taking a walk in the streets near the near. After being tracked by the police for a while protesters decided to hang a banner in a bridge over the Paseo de la Castellana (one of the main avenues of Madrid) and disperse themselves. The demo had no authorisation, that's why cops tried to abort it, but no arrestes were made. Revolutionary greetings from Madrid!"
thanks comrades ! 01.Sep.2004 14:03


[b]thank you - it IS a global resistance afterall, keep on keepin' on ![/b]

Letīs hit the streets all over the US! 01.Sep.2004 17:31


If people thousands of miles away across the ocean hit the streets for NYC I donīt what we are waiting for! Any meeting point in Portland area? Cīmon yīall, ACTIVE SOLIDARITY with NYC!

thank you! 03.Sep.2004 17:00

Liza Lizadep@yahoo.com

This is awesome. However, if people all the way in Madrid know about this, then it should definitely be all over the media in the US. Unfortunately, American newspapers and TV stations like to portray us protesters as violent terrorists. I was one of the people arrested in New York, and it makes me feel really good to know that people in Spain are speaking out for us. Thank you!