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Why was the Alex Jones Link Removed?

If there is a reason for blacking out Alex Jones on this Indymedia site, then maybe we should have an open forum about it. There was a lot of good information in that report.
Deleting the Alex Jones news wire brief is very highly suspicious - who's really in control of PDX Indymedia and what is their adgenda. Not everybody may agree with Jones' radical views, but what gives here? I would prefer to see people's comments.
which alex jones post? 01.Sep.2004 13:37

pdx indy activist

there's this one here, just posted:

Alex Jones Report of A31 - Audio

is that it, or is it a different one? please post more info.

as for bias against alex jones, i'll mention two things:

- after Aug, 2002 Bush protest, two pdx indy activists went on the air on Alex's show to talk about the event and the issues it brought up. Alex tried to get a rise out of them a couple times on some "hot button issues" but didn't get a bad reaction, because there wasn't as much disagreement as he was expecting.

- there was just a feature in the center column of some Alex Jones material:
Alex Jones: "Start challenging this corporate slave state"

hope that helps clarify the situation.

I might be able to clarify 01.Sep.2004 13:58


One server was lagged so if you were looking at one server, and then switched to another (all of which happens transparently) the newswire would appear to jump back in time (posts would like they had been removed). The problem has been addressed and shouldn't happen again.

you're a cop! no you're a cop! 01.Sep.2004 23:22

portland's favorite parlor game

Why is the peanut gallery so quick to assume that every technical glitch is evidence that pdxindy is a front group for their favorite bogeyman (whatever it is)?

Who's really in control of PDX indymedia is a bunch of vegan tree-huggin' bicycle kids. Is this news to anybody? The agenda is hardly hidden. What you see is what you get, y'all.