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Call from arrested woman being held in Central Booking

i just listened to a call from a 23 year old woman who was arrested on Tuesday at the War Resisters League die-in at 28th and Broadway. She was calling from a 6x6 foot grimy cell in the basement of Central Booking. Previously, she was at Pier 57, where at least 2000 people are being held. [ed. This is at least the second or third independent reference to the total being around 2000.]
At Pier 57, she was in a 15x30 cell w/100 other women. The floor was covered with spilled diesel fuel and some kind of grease, and since prisoners had no way of washing their hands, they ended up ingesting these substances. They also had to try to sleep in that mess, and the caller wasn't able to sleep well.

Police have not allowed the caller to take medication she requires for treating narcolepsy, but are now sending her to the hospital. Though she's been held for about 24 hours, she had not been charged yet at the time of this call.