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Summary of Cascadians in NYC arrested or detained

After speaking on the phone with a member of Team Cascadia at their convergence space in New York City, I'm able to give a summary of arrests of Cascadians and related information. In total, 6 have been arrested/detained or are missing, and one has been released already.
Here is a summary of Cascadians we know about who have been arrested/detained. Several names were not given, for security reasons.
  • Arturo Commando, of the Portland IMC radio collective, was arrested, apparently in Union Square or Herald Square. Evidently, no further details are known.
  • Jennifer Whitney and many other members of the Infernal Noise Brigade were detained yesterday, believed to be not actually arrested, just detained. Details can be read in a previous story.
  • Will Levins arrested, no details.
  • a Portland woman was arrested sunday evening at the Queer Kiss-in, apparently just for kissing in public. She was taken to the detention area at Pier 57 but released the next morning. The detention area was just one big area for everyone, no separation of the prisoners, so they continued the kiss-in, had dance contests, and made it into a party, despite the grimy and possibly toxic conditions.
  • Another core member of Team Cascadia took part in the die-in yesterday (Tuesday the 31st), at 28th and Broadway. He was arrested and has not been heard from since.
  • Another male Cascadian who was staying at the convergence space is missing, the other members of the group have not heard from him and are worried.

My correspondant also reports a "strong solidarity" amongst the Team Cascadia group, people watching each others' backs and helping each other out a lot. The police in New York are reportedly not as militarized as in Portland, but there are lots of them, making lots of mass arrests by surrounding large groups of protesters. As a journalist, it is almost impossible to get close to the action and get good photos or video unless you have an official New York City press pass - otherwise, you get arrested along with everyone else.

homepage: homepage: http://rivertext.com/cascadia

They got Will? 01.Sep.2004 13:27


Hey somebody out there in NYC give Will BIG HUGS when he gets out!

any news on... 01.Sep.2004 13:56


is this a list of specifically imc-related people, or portlanders in general?

specifically, is there any information regarding arrested medics or legal people?

another arrestee 01.Sep.2004 21:10


a young woman from albany - was arrested yesterday

i'm trying to locate the people she carpooled with to make sure she gets home - if you have any info please call the jail support line in portland at 503-234-4518 or write to  defense4@mailbolt.com

further updates 02.Sep.2004 02:04


we just got back from the 100 Center St., where they've been processing the arrestees. we left because of the high police presence and an omininous text message warning all "non-arrestables" to get out of the area. however, i talked to the police and they said they had no intention of arresting anyone there, as long as they continued to stay out of the way of the (nonexistent) foot traffic. so far the Team Cascadia member arrested at the die-in has been released, but my personal friend who was merely a spectator at said happening is still being held, 24 hours later, without charges or a docket number. another of our affinity group members and her partner were arrested as they walked down the street to get chinese food, after leaving the central library action, wihch they had attended in their capacity as journalists. she has been charged with a felony because of the leatherman tool she was carrying in her backpack, while her partner was released despite having one on him too. so to sum up - we've still got two cascadians in jail, so far four have been processed and released on ACD's (adjurnment in contemplation of dismissal = don't get arrested for six months). looks like we'll be having another benefit when we make it back into town.

Looking for two great people 03.Jan.2005 15:55

mark theserenadeisdead1@yahoo.com

I'm looking for two cascadians I met in nyc, there is a picture of them sitting in the grass together on one of the cascadia websites. I was in the same cell at peir 57 with the guy and the girl saved my ass outside st.marks by giving me a diffrent shirt (a team cascadia shirt) when the cops where looking for me.the last time I saw them was the morning after the party at casa del sol. I would like to thank them for being really cool people so if anyone knows who I'm talking about I would really appreciate it if you could put me in contact with them. sorry for taking so much space. mark

210 922 8489
3031Ft.parker san antonio tx 78211