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9.11 investigation

Sorry Mr Ford

I tried to tell people you were being tortured in Portland, but even the Indymedia people have abandonded you.
It must suck being in solitary confinement, with just a few people pulling for you and no way to make your case for humane treatment. You probably feel that you are a lost cause. Of course you hold to your child-like faith when they try to make you testify against your friends; its the only thing that give you hope during the hours and hours of total isolation. Of course you won't denounce it the one day that they open the door and lead you to a kangarooo courtroom.

Judge Robert E Jones ADDED 18 months in SOLITARY to "Portland Seven" member Patrice Ford because he won't testify against his friends. Its torture and its happening right here in Portland. The Judge's phone number is (503) 326-8340. Call him and tell him not to disgrace us by torturing people.