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Summary of Cascadians in NYC arrested or detained

After speaking on the phone with a member of Team Cascadia at their convergence space in New York City, I'm able to give a summary of arrests of Cascadians and related information. In total, 6 have been arrested/detained or are missing, and one has been released already.

Arturo Commando, pdx indymedia radio reporter, arrested in NYC on Tuesday
Well-loved and much-listened-to pdx indy radio personality Arturo Commando was arrested Tuesday in NYC. Arturo had been calling in reports from the streets during the chaos in the Union Square environs [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ], and was apparently swept up during the mass arrests there or in Herald Square [ 1 | 2 ]. Arturo is one of at least a dozen indymedia activists who have been arrested in NYC, where police have been targeting alternative media, legal observers, and medics.

From the Free State of Cascadia, we send all our love and best wishes to our dear brother Commando, and look forward to seeing him again soon, healthy and safe and happy.

[ Archives of Arturo Commando's radio shows ]

Cascadia-based independent journalist detained in New York
Jennifer Whitney, a Portland-based activist, writer, and musician, has been detained during protests in New York City, in Union Square. She is a journalist for Narco News, Indymedia, an editor of the book We Are Everywhere, and a founding member of the Infernal Noise Brigade. Narco News reports on her detention, along with 2 other of their reporters and the rest of the INB. They give details and discuss the unconstitutional and illegal nature of the police action, and demand their release.